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Dan Skelly: A Trusted Real Estate Agent in Evergreen, Colorado


Dan Skelly: A Trusted Real Estate Agent in Evergreen, Colorado Dan Skelly is a highly respected real estate agent based in Evergreen, Colorado. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the local market, Dan has established himself as a trusted advisor for both buyers and sellers inContinue Reading

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The Role of a Realtor – Dan Skelly


The Role of a Realtor: A Deep Dive into Real Estate Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent In the dynamic world of real estate, the role of a Realtor or a Real Estate Agent is pivotal. They are the linchpins that connect buyers and sellers, helping them navigate the complex landscapeContinue Reading

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Platinum Real Estate Realtor Marco Island Florida – Dan Skelly


Platinum Real Estate Dan Skelly, Realtor in Marco Island Florida, is here to help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Realtor Dan Skelly is a real estate agent at Platinum Real Estate. He is also the broker/owner of a real estate company in Colorado, Orson Hill Realty. HeContinue Reading


Realtor Lawsuit – and Keller Williams, Realogy, HomeServices of America, RE/MAX Moehrl v. NAR lawsuit


Realogy, HomeServices of America, RE/MAX and Keller Williams Credit: NAR CHICAGO (May 18, 2019) – The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) moved to dismiss the Moehrl v. NAR lawsuit on the basis that the complaint misrepresents NAR rules for the operation of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), which have long beenContinue Reading

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Why technology matter to both buyers and sellers in 2023


Why technology in a real estate company matters to buyers.. Mastering the Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers Chapter 1: The Critical Role of Accurate and Timely Information In the high-speed world of real estate, where properties are sold in hours rather than weeks, the ability for buyers toContinue Reading

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Why you should use a buyer’s agent


I’m Just Going to Contact the Listing Agent. I Don’t Need Buyer’s Agent. Understanding the Role of a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate Transactions The Misconception: “I Don’t Need a Buyer’s Agent” There’s a common misconception among many prospective homebuyers that they can save money by directly contacting the listingContinue Reading

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Who sets the value of your home?

2017-12-22 Who sets the value of your home? The biggest nightmare for a listing agent is to walk into a home and give a presentation and when you are done and the seller is all proud and and says “well Bob from ABC Realty says my home is worth $750,000”Continue Reading

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Evergreen, CO Realtor In The Denver Foothills


Evergreen, CO Realtor Located in the Denver Foothills Real Estate Market in Evergreen, CO with Dan Skelly and Orson Hill Realty As a seasoned Realtor based in Evergreen, CO, Dan Skelly of Orson Hill Realty is frequently approached with queries about the dynamic real estate market in the Denver Foothills. HomeownersContinue Reading

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Denver Foothills Real Estate Update for August 2017


Denver Foothills Real Estate Market is Showing Signs of Less Frustration For Buyers For almost a year now it has been the same old same old in the Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey and Morrison real estate market. This has even effected the Golden, CO real estate market with the overflow ofContinue Reading

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Disclosures in Real Estate


Disclosures in a real estate transaction I was talking to someone the other day and we were discussing disclosures. I know it sounds boring but I’m a real estate broker in the Denver Foothills It’s what we do! It was an interesting topic because there are multiple parties that needContinue Reading

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Denver Foothills Real Estate Market Report May 2017


How is the Denver Foothills Market These Days? It seems to be the same conversations over and over again. With other Realtors, clients, friends and just random people I talk with about real estate in Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison and Bailey. The first thing we discuss in inventory, next is theContinue Reading

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Inventory is looking to pick up in the spring of 2017


Evergreen Market Update The number of active listings in the Denver Foothills is up slightly month over month but is still on pace to be lower year over year. Although the talk around the Keller Williams Foothills office (with our 65 brokers in the Denver Foothills) is that inventory will continue tooContinue Reading