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  • Lower Listing Fees

    My Listing Fees Are ALWAYS negotiable

  • We Spend Our Money on Marketing Your Home

    We Know How to Market Your Home For Best Return and Traffic

  • No Franchise Fees

    We Don't Nickle and Dime You Like the Franchise Guys

  • Matterport 3D Tours

    3D Tours On Most Listings

  • 360 Degree Photos

    360 Degree Photos on Most Listings

  • Virtual Video Walkthroughs

    Video Walkthroughs Available Upon Request

  • Drone Shots

    Ariel Drone Shots on Most Listings

  • Personalized Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan and Graphics just for Your Home! Not All Homes Should be Marketed the Same Way

  • Much, Much More….

    Give me a call 303-503-8793 and we can discuss all the ways we sell your home!

  • Yes We do Need to Market Your Home in a Seller’s Market

    We Always Market Your Home in Any Market!

  • Sell Your Home Fast and For the Right Price

    We Get Traffic Through Your Home! We Are a Full Service Brokerage

  • Colorado Based Company

    Family Owned and Operated

  • Negotiating Expert

    We Make the Deals Happen! Get To the Closing Table!

  • Make Selling Your Home Worry-Free

    We Are the Experts! We Got This!

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Experience a unique real estate service with our personalized marketing plan, tailored specifically for your home. We stand apart from other real estate companies due to our distinctive approach:

  • Home Valuation: With property values on the rise in your area, we provide an accurate assessment of your home’s worth. Simply provide your property address, email address, mobile phone number, and name to get started. By submitting this form, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may opt out at any time.

  • Lower Listing Fees: Our listing fees are always negotiable, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

  • Investment in Marketing: We invest our resources in marketing your home for optimal returns and traffic.

  • No Franchise Fees: Unlike other companies, we don’t charge any hidden franchise fees.

  • Advanced Marketing Tools: We offer Matterport 3D tours, 360-degree photos, virtual video walkthroughs, and aerial drone shots for most listings.

  • Personalized Marketing Plan: We create a unique marketing plan and graphics for your home, understanding that not all homes should be marketed the same way.

  • Expert Negotiation: We are experts in making deals happen, ensuring you get to the closing table.

  • Colorado Based Company: We are a family-owned and operated company based in Colorado.

  • Worry-Free Home Selling: Trust us to make the process of selling your home worry-free. We are the experts!

  • High-Tech Team: Our tech-savvy team knows how to market your home to sell fast and for the right price.

Danny Skelly, the owner/broker at Orson Hill Realty, is your best resource for selling your home in the Denver Foothills area. With a background in marketing and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, we ensure your home gets maximum exposure. We use a mix of traditional and online marketing strategies, with a strong emphasis on online presence, as over 90% of buyers find their homes online.

All our real estate brokers have a Realtors designation, abiding by a higher standard of ethics set forth by NAR, CAR, and local associations. We also have our own ethical standards that are stricter than those required by the Realtor association.

At Orson Hill Realty, we understand the home selling process and the importance of marketing in selling your home. We allow our agents to keep a larger portion of their commission to invest in advertising and marketing your home. This approach ensures more visibility for your listing, leading to more potential buyers.

Trust your biggest investment with us. We know how to market your home to sell fast and for the right price.



Danny Skelly the owner/broker at Orson Hill Realty is the best resource for home sellers as your listing agent (broker) in the Denver Foothills area for one simple reason…our advantage over the competition for marketing your home. The managing broker and founder of Orson Hill Realty understands the aspects and importance of marketing your home in the most efficient way. He has a long background in marketing. As the owner for years of a marketing company in Florida that worked with real estate companies in Southwest Florida to brand, market, design all print and digital media he has a very good understanding of how to effectively market your home for a fast sale and maximum exposure.  We have a network of blogs and directories that we list your home on and populate it out through the internet for everyone looking in your price point and area will see your home. Here at Orson Hill Realty we know that over 90% of buyers find their home by searching online. This is a huge deal here at Orson Hill. We understand that other real estate companies don’t utilize this amazing tool of the internet because they just don’t understand the complexities of it.

As your listing agent and listing broker Orson Hill Realty will use the power of the internet mixed with traditional methods of marketing your home. We also use many traditional marketing methods as well that we would be happy to discuss with you at any time. We are not afraid of print and other forms of advertising but we have truly found that our best results come from a strong online presents. We make sure that your property is seen by everyone searching.

Orson Hill Real estate brokers all have a Realtors designation. Not all real estate agents in Colorado are Realtors. Realtors have to abide by a higher standard of ethics set forth by NAR (National Association of Realtors), CAR (Colorado Association of Realtors) and a local associations like MMAR or PPAR. Orson Hill Realty also has its own ethical standard above and more strict than the Realtor association requires. Realtors need to have more continuing education than just a real estate agent or broker. It is much more beneficial for sellers to have the peace of mind of knowing you are using a Realtor and even more of a piece of mind knowing you are using an Orson Hill real estate agent.

When a seller lists their home sometimes they don’t understand the home selling process. Most sellers are not aware the actual real estate agent selling their home is responsible for all the marketing and cost involved in getting your home out there to the buyers. Orson Hill Realty is one step ahead of other firms, especially the larger real estate brokerages. One thing that sets us apart from other firms is we take a lot less money as a “split” from our brokers. Meaning we let our agents/brokers keep a lot more of their commission to run their business. What that means is a Orson Hill Realty agent has more money to advertise and market your home. That means more people see the seller’s listing and that means more people coming through and real estate is a total numbers game.  The other thing that puts OHR above other firms is it is one of the few brokerage firm with marketing department in house. OHR helps design brochures, pushes all listings across the web and basically sends your home out on the web like no other real estate company.