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Most luxury real estate agents and listing brokers are the more seasoned agents. They have usually been around a lot longer than others. To be honest for the most part luxury homes are actually easier than $250,000 homes. Reason for this is the homes  are (usually) in better condition, they don’t have the inspection items that a lower value home has , there are usually not issues with the banks and finance. So why are the luxury agents luxury agents? Well let’s first say that usually even luxury agents will take on any size real estate deal. Just because an agent specializes in luxury homes doesn’t mean they won’t help with a lower value transaction. Actually it is also their duty to give all clients the same service (for the most part) so choosing a luxury real estate company for a $250,000 transaction might benefit the buyer or seller more than you think. With that being said of course the a luxury listing broker will not pay $5,000 to feature your home in a luxury homes magazine but they will give you great service none the less

Luxury agents give you that added service that is just a bit above the rest. The agent should never let anything slip through the cracks and pay much more attention to detail. If you have a luxury agent as apposed to a discount broker, you better be able to get a hold of him on the phone.  Luxury brokers work on quality not quantity. A discount broker needs to have so many more clients than a luxury broker to pay the bills that sometimes you might go days or weeks before being able to reach them. 

As a luxury listing agent I also know that you can put a lot more money into marketing a listing. A luxury agent isn’t afraid to spend money on marketing your home. Discount brokers may save you money but do they really? If there is only so much time, and money to market a listing is it really beneficial to save a couple dollars to lose more money?  

If you can find a luxury real estate company that will give you the luxury experience at any pricepoint wouldn’t it make sense to use them? 

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