Commercial Food and RD Processing Facility

Commercial Food and CBD Manufacturing Facility for Sale in Colorado

Commercial Food Manufacturing Facility for Sale in Colorado

Presenting a unique opportunity to acquire a Commercial Food and CBD Manufacturing Facility, complete with Research and Development capabilities. This prime organic production facility, spanning over 10,000 square feet and including a Yurt, is located in Evergreen of Colorado.

Property Details

The property is versatile, offering two options for potential buyers. It can be purchased as a fully operational turn-key facility, or, for a reduced price, all equipment can be removed prior to closing. This flexibility allows potential buyers to tailor the acquisition to their specific needs and future plans.

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With Equipment
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Without Equipment

Commercial Property Evergreen Colorado
Commercial Property Evergreen Colorado

PRICE: WITH EQUIPMENT $3,000,000 Without Equipment $2,100,000

Production Capabilities

This facility is a powerhouse of organic production, boasting a vertically integrated system for natural ingredient extraction, processing, formulation testing, quality assurance, and consumer package goods manufacturing. With the capacity to churn out hundreds of thousands of consumer products monthly, it’s a well-oiled machine that has been producing millions of consumer products since 2017.

Commercial Food and RD Processing Facility
Commercial Food and RD Processing Facility


The facility prides itself on its ISO 9001, USDA certified organic, and Earth Kosher certifications, reflecting its commitment to quality and adherence to stringent standards. These certifications not only represent the facility’s dedication to excellence but also provide a competitive edge in the market.

Industry Versatility

The facility’s current operations span across various industries, including food and beverage, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, wellness, and cannabis/CBD. This versatility presents a unique opportunity for a wide array of businesses looking to expand their operations or enter new markets.

Potential Buyers

This facility is more than just a production site; it’s a launchpad for businesses looking to make a significant impact in the organic market. Potential buyers could include a wide range of companies from food and beverage to skincare, personal care, cleaning product companies, and many more. The facility’s versatility and high production capacity make it an attractive investment for both established companies and startups.

Evergreen, Colorado: A Prime Location for Business

Evergreen, Colorado, with its stunning natural beauty, supportive community, strategic location, thriving local economy, and safe environment, is truly an awesome place to live and own a business. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a budding entrepreneur, or someone seeking a high-quality, peaceful life, Evergreen has something to offer you. It’s not just a place to live—it’s a lifestyle.

Community and Lifestyle

Evergreen boasts a tight-knit community that is supportive and welcoming. The town hosts numerous community events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among residents. This supportive community extends to the local business scene, where residents prefer to shop local, providing a stable customer base for businesses.

Economic Strength

The local economy in Evergreen is robust and diverse, with a mix of small businesses, retail shops, restaurants, and professional services. The town’s economic development initiatives and supportive local government create a business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurship. Moreover, the high median household income in Evergreen means residents have significant purchasing power, which is beneficial for local businesses.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

Evergreen is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by thousands of acres of parkland, offering a plethora of recreational activities. From hiking and mountain biking in the summer to ice-skating and snowshoeing in the winter, Evergreen provides year-round outdoor adventures. This natural beauty not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also attracts tourists, creating a vibrant market for businesses catering to outdoor activities and tourism.

Commercial Food and CBD Manufacturing Facility in Evergreen, Colorado

Owning this Commercial Food and CBD Manufacturing Facility in Evergreen, Colorado, offers more than just a business opportunity. It’s a chance to be part of a thriving community, to contribute to a robust local economy, and to enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living in one of Colorado’s most beautiful regions. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of the organic production industry’s future. Contact us today for more information.

Companies This Property is PERFECT For (just to name a few):

Companies Producing Organic Beverages
Organic Dairy Producers
Manufacturers of Organic Baby Food
Herbal Tea Companies
Spice and Seasoning Producers
Organic Meat and Poultry Suppliers
Organic Grain and Cereal Producers
Organic Beverage Makers
Organic Baking Companies
Organic Condiment Manufacturers
Organic Snack Food Producers
Organic Frozen Food Suppliers
Organic Candy and Chocolate Manufacturers
Essential Oil Companies
Natural Perfume Makers
Herbal Supplement Producers
Natural Dye Companies
Organic Cosmetic Manufacturers
Natural Soap Makers
CBD Oil Suppliers
Natural Pesticide Producers
Biofuel Companies
Phytochemical Producers
Organic Tincture Manufacturers
Organic Extract Producers
Organic Superfood Suppliers
Organic Skincare Companies
Organic Haircare Product Manufacturers
Beer Brewing Companies
Beer Distributors
Beverage Producers
Nut and Seed Suppliers
Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers
Sauce and Dressing Manufacturers
Preserves and Jam Makers
Honey Suppliers
Syrup Producers
Wine and Spirits Companies
Health Bar Manufacturers
Protein Powder Producers
Sports Drink Manufacturers
Energy Drink Companies
Vegan Food Producers
Gluten-Free Food Suppliers
Superfood Companies
Skincare Product Manufacturers
Haircare Product Companies
Personal Care Product Manufacturers
Cleaning Product Suppliers
Aromatherapy Companies
Incense Manufacturers
Candle Makers
Home Fragrance Companies
Plant-Based Meat Producers
Dairy Alternative Suppliers
Herbal Remedy Companies
Homeopathic Medicine Suppliers
Tincture Manufacturers
Extract Companies
Essential Fatty Acid Suppliers
Probiotic and Prebiotic Companies
Fermented Food Producers
Mushroom Suppliers
Seaweed and Algae Companies
Aquaculture Companies
Livestock Feed Suppliers
Pesticide-Free Gardening Companies
Nutraceutical Companies
Cosmetic Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical Companies
Wellness Companies
Cannabis/CBD Companies
Agricultural Companies
Essential Oil Suppliers
Pet Food Manufacturers

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