About Danny Skelly - Real Estate Agent

My name is Danny Skelly and I have always been in the real estate industry, at least as long as I can remember. He became a licensed real estate broker in Colorado about 10 years ago. Before that, I had my hands in the real estate industries for decades prior. In Southwest Florida I worked with real estate agents in his marketing company. That was in the days when real estate websites were just starting, Zillow didn’t exist and direct mail was the big marketing strategy for real estate agents all over the country. 
At that point, Danny started to move his business from print to digital. He was the first printer in Southwest Florida to use variable data in his printing. Still doing direct mail for real estate agents I started to convince them the world is going digital. I saw a lot of agents and real estate companies get left behind not using the tools other, more advanced agents, were using. I saw agents that refused to get the bandwagon and those agents were doing a disservice to their clients.  

Real Estate Agents MUST Use Technology or Their Clients Suffer

I work with and see a lot of real estate agents (and brokers) that have no idea how much damage they doing to their clients not being technologically advanced. My first employing broker, 100 years ago, always said “your website is only a business card and should not be a top priority”. I would sit in meetings trying not laugh since all the other agents in that room were my competition even though we worked at the same franchise. I sat trying not laugh as my phone was going crazy because of people on my website. Buyers and sellers love the technology I used. 

Other Businesses I owned other than Real Estate Companies

One of my first jobs as an adult was bartending. I worked at night clubs in Cleveland and then Key West, FL.  When I got married I moved to the Outer Banks of NC and bought a hotel and started a fishing charter business as well out of the hotel. When my oldest son was born I sold that and moved back to Florida. There I owned a marketing/print/web design company. After the crash of 2008 I moved to Taos, NM and opened a kid’s indoor play center and restaurant.  This entire time I owned multiple e-commerce websites as well. After Taos I moved to Colorado and started my real estate brokerage. I am currently working on opening an office in Florida.

I have 3 children that are fantastic. I am a single dad that when I am not working 80 hour weeks I spend time with my children. I am always either working or at an EHS football game or an LAX game. All of my kids are in the Jefferson County School system and I have always been involved in their schools. 

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