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About Danny Skelly – Real Estate Agent Danny Skelly Broker/Owner/Agent Orson Hill Realty Real Estate Agent Colorado Sellers Buyers Looking For My Florida Office? Florida Office Danny Skelly is an experienced real estate professional with a diverse background in the industry and a proven track record of success. Here areContinue Reading


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Since in the real estate world (at least in Colorado) there are no set rates for a Realtor’s Commission.  I don’t publicize my rates (they are always negotiable).  What I can do is tell you there are a few groups of people I am willing to negotiate with more.  ThoseContinue Reading

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Discount real estate agents from Evergreen to Denver 100 % Listing side commission * *Just to be clear there is no “set” listing fee. It is always negotiable. What we are stating here as a “discount listing fee” is the lowest we are able to discount our listing side feeContinue Reading

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I am here for you and all your Evergreen, Colorado real estate and home purchase needs. If you are looking for Evergreen homes for sale, please browse our Homes For Sale in Evergreen and Conifer for your real estate searches. Keller Williams Foothills Realty is your Evergreen Real Estate Connection.Continue Reading

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Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent: Why Choose Me as Your Realtor for Buyer Agency In the scenic Denver foothills of Evergreen, you’ll find a community of dedicated and professional real estate agents, known as brokers, who are committed to assisting clients with their real estate needs. As a real estateContinue Reading


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Orson Hill Realty Dan Skelly at Orson Hill Realty: Your Trusted Realtor for Foothills Homes When it comes to buying or selling your home, peace of mind is crucial. That’s why choosing a Realtor is the best decision you can make. By selecting a Realtor, you are guaranteed to workContinue Reading