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Listing side commission

* *Just to be clear there is no “set” listing fee. It is always negotiable. What we are stating here as a “discount listing fee” is the lowest we are able to discount our listing side fee to. We don’t think it is unreasonable to tell you up front the lowest we are willing to go.**

I am trying out a discount broker fee structure only until August 1st, 2019. Here is the discount fee structure

In Evergreen there is not a shortage of discount real estate agents (brokers).  They seem to be popping up everywhere.  I am not here to tell you that all discount brokers are bad but they may not be right for every situation or for every client.. Some people believe real estate agents are over paid.  To be honest I was one of those until I got into the business. That is simply not true. A real estate agent has many duties that you don’t even see them perform.

Now if you are going to use a discount broker think if it’s right for your situation.

You also have to think, will that discount broker advertise your house as much as someone that makes more in a commission? To be honest I have seen some discount rates to be lower than what many brokers spend to market a listing. Ask a discount broker exactly how much money they are going to put into marketing your home.  Ask them if they will be hiring a professional photographer or if they will just be taking pictures with their camera phone.

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The local real estate boards are even investigating if some these discount real estate agents are performing the minimum duties required by the real estate commission.  So again just remember to ask yourself if a discount real estate broker (agent) is good for your position.

Don’t get me wrong I discount my listing fee sometimes.  Usually it is when someone is a member of our armed forces, a fireman, a police officer, EMS, school teacher or a disabled vet.  Reason being they deserve a discount. They are what makes our country safe and healthy.

As a broker in Evergreen and Denver I just know I could never make a living or serve my customers the way I do if I discounted my rate as much as some of them do. So again ask yourself  “should I use a discount real estate agent to sell my Denver or foothills home”?

This offer is only good until August 1st of 2019!


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