Real Estate Agent Danny Skelly

Evergreen, CO Realtor Located in the Denver Foothills

As a Realtor in Evergreen, CO I am called and approached very frequently about the crazy real estate market here. People always want to know what their home is worth. They always want to know how healthy the market is. They are excited when I tell them the real estate market is certainly booming. We are having short days on market and closing close to 97% of list price. The only problem they see is since this is the case and inventory is still at record lows, they have the same fear as many that they will not find a home to move into in the Denver Foothills. This may or may not be the case. The idea of being “homeless” does put fear into many possible sellers but is this fear just an over reaction? Well yes and no. We have seen the buyers start to either give up or stop looking for now. A seller will see their home sell fast (as long as they have the right Evergreen, CO Realtor that knows how to market the property) in this market. They will also most likely have enough time to find a nice home that fits most of their needs. Even in a market with abundant inventory there is no such thing as the perfect home.

When one is listing their home for sale they always have a possibility to not be able to find the perfect home to move into. It is much harder in our current market but it is still very possible to do. The best bet is to hire an experienced Realtor that can help you navigate through the challenges of finding the right home at the right price. This kind of market makes people make hasty knee jerk decisions to over pay for homes. People feel like they are going to miss out on the perfect home. Since we have already established there is no such thing as the perfect home we can say this is just an illusion that buyer and sellers feed by being irrational in their negotiations. That is why I am here. A transaction in a normal market is emotional enough but if you add the fact people are worried about their home that they are selling that is already under contract, it makes them believe they are in a weaker negotiating position. That is simply not true. Although there are many buyers these days that don’t have the contingency of selling their home in the contract, many still do need to sell their current home to purchase another. Your ability to negotiate is greatly strengthened and your offer is much more solid after your home you are selling gets through inspection objections.

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So if you are worried about selling your home and finding a place to buy, don’t be! List your home and find your place to purchase because our market has enough inventory for you to sell your Denver Foothills home and still find another great home in the area to buy.