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Should you move to Evergreen, Golden, Conifer, Bailey or Morrison?

Evergreen, CO Living

When deciding the areas to live in the Denver Foothills you must first decide on what you can afford then you will need to determine what you need in terms of schools and proximity to work and play. Without a doubt the most desired place to live in the Denver Foothills is Evergreen, CO. Evergreen has all the things on most people’s wish list. The only problem is that Evergreen is the average home sale at the time of this blog was $535k. That is a little pricey for a great deal of people. The nice thing is that over the last decade this has been a solid investment. Prices didn’t even really take a hit in 2008 like most the country. Evergreen is located in the perfect position to the ski resorts and to downtown Denver. Giving many people easy access to shopping, skiing, nightlife and work. That is why the prices have steadily increased over the last 10 years.

Living in Conifer, CO

The next great area to live in the Denver Foothills is Conifer, CO. Conifer is located just a bit further out of the happening stuff in the Denver Foothills but is well worth the little extra drive because prices are considerably better (at least for now). Conifer, especially in the 285 corridor, is easy access to all the things Evergreen is. Conifer is really growing as a town and has many of the same amenities as Evergreen, CO. This area has great schools just like Evergreen. This is fantastic area if you would like to try out the foothills and not invest as much money as you moved to Evergreen. This area is closer to the mid to upper 400K at the time of this blog.

Bailey, CO Gives You More for Your Buck!

If you are looking for a great deal and want to be a little further away from things and get a little more land and a little more home for you dollar then Bailey, CO is the place for you. Bailey is certainly a little further drive to all things but is a much better value than the rest of the foothills. Many people like the fact they are away from people and have bigger lots and bigger homes. It really all depends on personal preference. Bailey is similar to much of the other mountain towns in the foothills but they are lacking may amenities that the other towns have. For the money though you really can’t go wrong.

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Morrison, CO is a Great Little Mountain Town

Morrison, CO, the home of the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater is an amazing area with great restaurants and bars. The town really comes alive for town events, concerts and summer fun. It is a small town with great mountain feel. It is a great place to live for people of all ages.

Golden, CO Where Mountain meets City

Golden, Colorado is a great town! It is just the right mixture nightlife, restaurants, nightlife, views, nature and everything else Colorado has to offer. Golden is a fantastic place to live.

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Discount rate real estate brokers

Discount real estate agents from Evergreen to Denver 100 % Listing side commission * *Just to be clear there is no “set” listing fee. It is always negotiable. What we are stating here as a “discount listing fee” is the lowest we are able to discount our listing side feeContinue Reading

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Evergreen Homes Under 500k
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Evergreen Homes for Under 500k

Evergreen, Colorado is a wonderful place to live.  If you’re a skier, hiker, mountain biker or just someone that likes to live in a great community with great people and a great school system.  So come out and check out our little mountain town. New Listings Evergreen, CO READ  EvergreenContinue Reading

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Denver Foothills Real Estate Price Ranges

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