Conifer Colorado

Conifer is another one of the Denver Foothills towns that do not have a mayor or city council.  It is ran by Jefferson County (known to locals as Jeffco).  This means that all it is unincorporated.  So it is patrolled by Jefferson County Sheriff and the fire departments are all volunteer.  Also any zoning or planning needs to go through Jefferson County Planning and zoning.  The population in 2009 was about 19,500 people.

Conifer has a nice access to Denver VIA 285.  You can get to Downtown Denver in about 35 minutes.  I read an interesting statistic the other day that stated more than 75% of the working community in Conifer actually works down the hill in Denver and also shop down there.  Conifer is trying to change all that. They have some rather aggressive plans to expand some of those conveniences closer to home.  They would like to keep the locals working and shopping closer to home.

This may come to a shock to those folks that don’t live in Conifer but the weather is very pleasant most of the time.   There is an average of 255 days of sunshine a year.  The coldest month still averages a balmy 30 degrees.  Summer is very mild with the hottest month being July with an average temp of about 74.

The real estate market in Conifer is very steady and strong.  Conifer real estate took a hit like most the country but the hit was not nearly as hard and it is making a strong come back.  You can still get a nice home with a nice yard for a great price.  If you have any questions about living in Conifer or the Denver Foothills please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

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