July days on the market

Evergreen, CO Real Estate July 2017

It is an absolutly beautiful day here in Evergreen, CO. Working from the home office today sitting on my deck watching the boats sail by on Evergreen Lake. Actually little Hobbie Cats but just as cool. Thought it would be a great time to write a blog about what the the Evergreen, CO real estate market is doing these days. Only a couple days left in the month so I think we can do a recap of the real estate mmarket and still get some good numbers. Just to keep consistant all the data you will be lookng at is the last 30 days. So there will be a couple days from May.

I wish there was some better news for the buyers. It seems to be, once again, all about the sellers. Although activity has decreased we are still not seeing that many more homes on the market. We are certainly on an uptrend. That is going help buyers in a few ways. Of course the supply and demand factor is the best thing for buyers. We are around 225 active listings in Evergreen, Conifer and Bailey. That is much better than the 125 in January of this year. We are still below the highs over the last 12 months.

Number of active MLS listings

The days on market (how long it takes to sell a property) have ticked up above 30 days again to almost 40. That is still a sign that the sellers are still in control. It does have a negative impact to the sellers as well. Some sellers are seeing it hard to get a new home and close in the short amount of time. That is why I coach my sellers to get all ready to go. Even if you need to get a storage unit or pod. Find the house you want to move into and start making your move to get it. As long as you have a good Realtor that has priced your home properly it will sell in the average amount of time.

July days on the market

To sum up our real estate market is the same as it has been for some time now. We are still seeing it move slowly twords the buyers side of things. We are not seeing the crazy multiple offers accross all price ranges. It is still hard to find anyting under 350K. When they do hit the market they are gone very fast. Please don’t be discouraged! There arer still plenty of homes for sale and the prices seem to be holding steady.


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