Altitude Soccer Club

On Nov 30th of this year Altitude Soccer Club was bought by Mountain Rush which is owned by the Colorado Rush Soccer Club. Below is the press release from Mountain Rush Soccer Club and Colorado Rush buying Altitude Soccer.

In 2003, the Rush brand began its expansion, first forming the Virginia Rush. Since that time, Rush Soccer has grown to nearly 40 clubs in the United States and a membership of roughly 40,000 players nationwide. In mid July of 2009 Rush broke the mold yet again by starting a Rush affiliate 9600 miles from it’s original home in Colorado, by forming the Nkomazi Rush in South Africa. International clubs have grown at an overwhelming pace and number more than two dozen clubs in Africa, South and Central America, Oceania and the Carribean Islands.

2013 proved a big year for Rush Soccer with the switch over to new apparel & uniform provider adidas, and a sponsorship with Chevrolet. With partnerships like ours, it’s no wonder Rush Soccer is a leader in youth soccer worldwide!

Mountain Rush


Nov, 2018

Mountain Rush Joins the Rush Soccer Family

Littleton, CO, November 30, 2018—This is a tremendous day for Colorado Soccer and an incredible opportunity for the Greater Mountain Youth Soccer Community.  It is with great enthusiasm we announce the merger of Altitude FC with Colorado Rush. The merger is designed to create a combined organization under Colorado Rush that will further advance the goals and overall experiences of all players, coaches, and families from both organizations.

The needs and strengths of both clubs are complementary, providing benefits that support both clubs’ efforts to deliver a better, more focused soccer experience beyond what either club could accomplish separately.

Formerly known as Altitude FC, the Evergreen, CO based soccer club is now coming under the Rush Soccer name and brand as ‘Mountain Rush’, which will better allow the club in the Greater Mountain Community just west of Denver the ability to attract the nation’s top coaching talent, invest more heavily in local recreational programming, and nurture soccer talent and passion at all skill and age levels. Colorado Rush is committed to building a tighter knit soccer community, and will plan out long-term strategic goals alongside like-minded Rush Soccer branches in the Greater Denver Area.

Altitude FC President, David Stewart remarks, “Unifying as one club, Colorado Rush and Mountain Rush will create many new opportunities to better serve the entire membership. Joining forces gives the organization a rare and unique soccer platform in Colorado and across the nation.”

Garry Guyan, General Manager at Colorado Rush adds, “We are excited to welcome Evergreen/ Conifer and the surrounding communities to join Colorado Rush.  Mountain Rush players will be afforded the same programs and opportunities currently offered to all Colorado Rush members.

Mark Burfeind, former Executive Director at Altitude FC, and Jennifer Jackson, former Technical Director at Altitude FC, will be great additions to Colorado Rush. Their qualifications and knowledge within the community, coupled with Colorado Rush’s expertise will enhance the development of players in the area.

Colorado Rush promotes the development of character through our eleven Rush Core Values and we look forward to sharing our philosophy with our newest members.”

The merger of the clubs is effective today, and both clubs will be working to provide the best possible experience for all families and players involved. It is the mission of Rush Soccer to provide opportunities for all players who have interest in the game, and Colorado Rush is excited to offer this experience to its newest members in the Evergreen area.

Rush Soccer and Mountain Rush will hold an informational question and answer on Friday, December 7th, at 6pm at the Evergreen Fire Protection District, 1802 Bergen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439.