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Altitude Soccer Club Was Bought out by Colorado rush to make Mountain Rush Soccer Club Altitude FC youth soccer league in Evergreen is a spin off of Stingers soccer. A private company run soccer program for the Denver Foothills. It is a travel league that plays most of the year and travels around Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming to play youth soccer.

Altitude Youth Soccer Ages and Programs: Recreational

They have a Recreational Program for any player ages 3-14, regardless of experience. The program places an emphasis on skills and sportsmanship in a fun and safe environment. Participation and enjoyment of the game are paramount, and every player has the opportunity to train with an Altitude FC staff coach on a weekly basis. The recreational program is organized by grade level. Their approach to training balances learning the technical side (individual) and the tactical side (team) of soccer. To improve, players need the strength, stamina and dexterity to manage the ball. At the same time, to work as a team they need to know where the other players are, what players are in each role on the team, how to respond to the team captain’s direction, and when to pass the ball to another team member or attempt a turnover from the other team.

Developmental for boys and girls at Altitude in Evergreen:

A major focus of the Academy curriculum is that each player must come out of the Academy Program mastering the “Core Curriculum of Altitude FC.” These areas of technical training throughout the U8-U10 years prepares a player technically for the 11v11 game and sets player’s up to be successful individually as they progress in the game. The Academy Program offers additional training as a member of the club in the form of The Elite Players Academy, Juggling sessions, and opportunities to play or train with other teams in the program to gain additional touches on the ball. All academy players will receive Staff Training Sessions. As a member of Altitude FC Academy Program they have one focus and that is to develop a player technically. We have built a proven model that will provide players the technical training to be able to succeed in the sport. They want players to begin playing the game with a style of play and to be able to be creative and confident on the field. The foundation of the club is within the Academy Program and they dedicate time, resources and top staff to prepare these players for the future. The U8-U10 2008 – 2010 Birth years ages we foster individuals learning and exploring the game. If players are developed then results will naturally take care of themselves in the time frame needed and will come when results are a priority for the team and the club.

Altitude Soccer Has an Advanced Program:

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Altitude Advanced Program:

Thier Advanced Program (U11-U14) is the competitive portion of Altitude FC. We will challenge players to grow technically, tactically, and mentally. We foster a very competitive environment within training to allow players to compete and raise their level of play. Altitude wants players and teams moving up the ladder in a very progressive manner and understanding the challenges and demands needed to play soccer as they advance.

Players will compete for a spot on advanced teams, and the emphasis in training will be on developing players that want to move on to competitive play throughout their time in High School. The focus is team play, strategy, higher level individual skill development, and higher level soccer.

All players in the advanced program will work with paid coaches. These coaches have experience in competitive play and certifications in coaching and training players. Advanced players will have more weekly training than recreational teams, and they will play at home and away, competing against teams around the Front Range and in Evergreen.

Players will develop along personal goals, and we expect players to have a sense of their strengths and weaknesses, what positions they prefer and excel in, and areas they want to develop within their training. They should also be ready to advance in a team environment, learning how to better work with others to improve play.

Coaches will increase the level of competitiveness in this arena, encouraging players to develop their abilities to succeed in an environment where another player may covet their spot on the field.

Within the Advanced Program there is a very detailed curriculum that standardizes the development of the players at these ages and prepares the players for competitive High School Programs. Players come into the Advanced program at U11 ready to learn the 9v9 game and start competing at higher levels. Players in the program will finish at U14 ready for High School tryouts. We encourage the mindset and focus that will carry players to eventually play on college teams and beyond. We will work to condition players to compete and to understand what they need to give to the sport if they are going to continue to succeed.

The Advanced Program offers many layers of additional training as part of the program which include: 3 training sessions, Goalie training, Advanced Training Program, Functional Training, and leadership training.

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