A place as beautiful as Evergreen has plenty of luxury homes.   If you are in the market for an Evergreen Luxury home there are a few things to remember.  For starters,  It doesn’t matter what luxury group you chose to work with.  Luxury homes are just that, luxury homes.  The home is going to do most the selling.  If someone from another luxury group tells you any different they would be not telling you the whole truth.  Some luxury brokers out there think their name is what sells the luxury home.  Not true! Just because I put a certain luxury group’s sign out in front of my $30K mobile home doesn’t make it a luxury home.  The home is going to do a great deal of the selling.  Marketing helps some as well but you could be with ACME Luxury Group and still sell an $18,000,000 home.  Just don’t let those other luxury groups tell you they can sell your luxury home or help you buy a luxury home any better than the next group.

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