80439 Household income

A lot of my buyers are always asking about Evergreen Demographics and population so I thought I should put it all in one place for your convenience.  The charts below are from Top Producer.  If you have any questions please give me a call.

These demographics is not just Evergreen, CO it is the 80439 zip code which includes most of Evergreen.  The first graph and info is the median household income for the Evergreen zip code of 80439.


Median Household Income $88,384
Avg. Household Income $124,402
Avg. Income Change (since 2000) 20%
Per Capita Income $51,540
Median Disposable Income $69,943

80439 Household income

If you look to see how Evergreen compares to the rest of Colorado, as far as income, you see things are pretty good in the 80439 zip code.

Median Household Income $54,571
Avg. Household Income $71,600
Avg. Income Change (since 2000) 17%
Per Capita Income $29,043
Median Disposable Income $45,913

The next set of information is basically what people in Evergreen do for a living.  Many people actually find this rather interesting.


Industry Employees
Employees/Unclassified 108
Public Administration 113
Services 4,173
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 766
Retail Trade 2,048
Wholesale Trade 215
Industry Employees
Transportation & Communication 237
Manufacturing 199
Construction 425
Mining 10
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing 213

Jobs in Evergreen

Next is something that many people overlook when looking at places to live.   It may be one of the most important piece of the pie.  It is the cost of living.  Evergreen’s cost of living is a little bit higher that other places….. You get what you pay for!


Average Total Household Expenditure $88,440

80439 Cost of living

What is the weather like in Evergreen?  It snows all the time! Just kidding.  The weather here is pretty nice overall.  Keep in mind I moved here from Florida and can handle it.  There are days of course that I wonder why I am showing a property in 3′ of snow but then I think about all the great qualities Evergreen has and the pros definitely out way the cons.


Annual Precipitation (inches) 78.74
Average Temperature (°F)
January (High/Low) 41.1/11.7
July (High/Low) 87.9/56.5

Evergreen weather

Crime in Evergreen Colorado is something we don’t usually think about.  The crime is pretty low as you can see by the charts below.  I don’t want to say crime doesn’t exist because there will be crime everywhere.


Crime Index (National Average = 100)

Type Index
Property 90
Vehicle Theft 59
Larceny 95
Burglary 104
Personal 31
Type Index
Assault 51
Robbery 14
Sexual Assault 25
Murder 47
Total 67

The population of the 80439 zip is pretty impressive considering I have never felt crowded or like there was ever too much traffic.  Here is the Evergreen population chart: (the first one is all of Colorado)

Total Population 5,127,816
Density (people/mile) 49
Growth (since 2000) 20%
Male 2,581,711
Female 2,546,098
Median Age 35.06


Total Population 24,707
Density (people/mile) 121
Growth (since 2000) 2%
Male 12,241
Female 12,468
Median Age 45.72

If you break it down to ages it looks like this:

age chart

So what do the households look like?


Number of Households 10,136
Avg. Size 2.42
With Children 3,042
No Children 4,239
Family 7,280
Non-Family 2,856
Total Dwelling Units 11,319

80439 Status

Home ownership and net worth in Evergreen:


Median Home Price $390,000
In Current Residence 5+ Years 37.13%
Annual Residential Turnover 16.64%
Median Years in Residence 3.64
Median Dwelling Age 23
Average Household Net Worth $930,720

Own vs Rent in 80439

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have some sort of interest in the real estate market in Evergreen.  So here is the demographic you were looking for:


  • Median Home Price $390,000
  • Population 24,707
  • Number of Households 10,136
  • Median Home Price $229,000
  • Population 5,127,816
  • Number of Households 2,016,367

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