Just outside of downtown of Evergreen, Alderfer-Three Sisters Park also known as just “Three Sisters” abounds with stunning vistas, landmark rock formations, beautiful old stands of Ponderosa Pine and the most trails per acre of any foothills park — nearly 15 miles on 770 acres.

Once a working ranch for cattle, horses and foxes, back in the day.  Alderfer-Three Sisters is now a park that offers a variety of experiences, from hikes across rolling terrain to challenging rides to the top of Evergreen Mountain. Climbers enjoy bouldering on rock formations near the south trailhead. Pads are encouraged. Fixed protection is not permitted.

“The Three Sisters” and “The Brother” are the landmarks of the terrain.  They just pop out of the ground and look magnificent.  Meadows flourish with wildflowers in late spring and early summer. Bird life includes turkey vultures, Cooper’s hawks, red-shafted flickers, Stellar’s jays, ravens and mountain bluebirds.

Three Sisters Map


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