August Market News For Evergreen, CO

As I have stated many times in the past I am a numbers guy. When it comes to real estate numbers play an important role. It tells you how hot the market is. Weather you can be picky as seller or a buyer or if you should just just let the other party get their way. If you look at the chart below you can see that things are pretty different from last year at this time. Our inventory is still extremely low compared to last year at this time. The average days to sell are doing the predictable thing under low inventory situations. They are selling fast. I mean really fast. Some may consider this a sellers market. I tend to agree that we are still moving in that direction. Since Evergreen homes are always on the high end of the price points you can sell your home fast as long as it is priced reasonably (within the normal price of a home in that particular market). In other words we aren’t getting multiple offers over asking price (unless it is in the $250k and under market).

MonthActive Listings, Number ofDays to Sell, Average
May 201340669
Jun 201345933
Jul 201347175
Aug 201342957
Sep 201336274
Oct 201331580
Nov 201324991
Dec 2013217123
Jan 2014190112
Feb 201418699
Mar 201419988
Apr 201422576
May 201427063
Jun 201427556
Jul 201427039
Aug 201425738















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