Being a real estate agent is not as easy as it looks. Why I became a real estate agent isn’t an easy question to answer. I have had a lot of careers and being a real estate broker is probably the most challenging I have had. With that being said it is one of the most rewarding. More on that a little later. People think being a real estate is nothing more than showing a home and making an offer then collecting a big check. That is not the case.

As I mentioned I had a lot of careers before diving into real estate. I started out as a bartender in college. Making more money than I knew what to with. Just tons cash night after night. I loved it! It was fun, exciting and I worked face to face with hundreds of people a night. It was fantastic. i started tending bar in Cleveland then moved to Florida to continue my bartending. After 7 years of tending bar in Key West I decided it was time to start something new. I bought a Motel in the Outer Banks and also started a fishing charter business. It was fantastic and a lot of fun. After that I moved back to Florida and started a print shop/marketing and web design company. Working mostly with real estate agents. That is when I really started loving real estate. Then the crash of ’08 hit and real estate took a back seat in my life. I moved to Taos New Mexico and opened a kids indoor playcenter and a restaurant (I had young kids at the time and it was great for them). 

Then I moved to Evergreen. CO and decided to become an associate broker. I worked for years at Keller Williams Foothills in Evergreen. It was a great place to start but they didn’t appreciate the technology part of the business as much as I did and realized I could expand my business much more through technology. I knew the tech side would benefit my business and my clients. I was correct and learned this after starting Orson Hill Realty and really pushed the technology side of the real estate business. 

So The Question Still Hasn’t Been Answered: Why Did I Become a Real Estate Agent?

Being a real estate agent is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Not to sound corny but I enjoy helping people. It is true many folks get into real estate for the money. The money is a nice byproduct but it is not my driving force. There is nothing more fun than seeing beautiful homes and the views we have here in Colorado. It is absolutely amazing to be looking at a property and seeing an out of town buyer see Elk for the first time. Their eyes light up and they have found the place they want to be. Seeing people excited about starting a new life in a place like Evergreen. They are so happy and so glad to have a new opportunity. 

For sellers I love working with them because it is the beginning of their new start as well. The only thing they need to do to start their new life is to sell their biggest investment. I help them off on their new journey by getting them the most for their home. I help them on the start of their new journey. 

Real Estate Agents Wear Many Hats in Their Career 

The other thing that is fantastic about being a real estate agent is the fact the job is different everyday. One day an agent will be looking at home with a buyer. The next day they will be meeting with a seller and helping them price their home and get it ready to sell. Another day they are writing or review contracts. Then we will be on the phone or posting on social media. Then I will be designing ads or working on one of my many websites. 

In other words the job is never the same day to day. There are always challenges that keep us sharp. There is always real estate classes for continuing education. There is so much involved in our real estate career that people that aren’t agents or brokers will never understand. It is not an easy job and it is not for everyone. It is for me though and I love it every day. That is why I am working on opening a real estate office in Fort Myers, Florida.