Going into 2022 real estate agents are still seeing the same market they have for the last couple years. As the prices continue to rise with the lack of inventory it is getting challenging for buyers. Now that the real estate market is showing some shift in many areas towards the buyers (although it is still a sellers market in almost every area in Colorado) the fed is signaling a raise in rates and that will affect the market. With the raising of rates the buyers’ purchase power is not as strong.


As the chart shows the market is still showing a strong price affirmation. The average sale price in Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Idaho Springs and Golden continue to prove value at around $800,000 for the last 12 months. These prices have proven to hold for a few years now. 

As the market continues to see demand stay steady and the existing home inventory continues to stay low prices will continue to rise. It is still a great time to be a seller and if a buyer is planning to but and get a conventional loan, they will want to act early in the year. THere are reports of possibly 5 rate hikes in 2022 and that will, without doubt, have a negative impact on buyers willingness to pay over market value as the have for the last couple years.

As mentioned buyers are paying over “current market value” in order to win offers over the rest of the buyers in the market. Although buyers have taken a leap of faith and made offers over the value of the property on the day of the offer, we are seeing them appraise anyways. Keep in mind most appraisals use sold comps. Those comps are a lagging indicator. Meaning they are all at least a month old. The actual sale price is not known until the closing occurs. In a crazy sellers market we can see an increase of 17% in one month. As crazy as that might seem that will be the new value and increase between the time the offer was written and the property is transferred to the new owner. So even if at the time of the contract if the offer is 17% more than the value on the day of the offer many times the buyer is still closing at the value of the contract price. 

The next important data point to help understand real estate market trends is the average days on market. This is an important factor in the real estate world because it tells the buyer’s interest in any given area. It also tells real estate agents the demand of that area. 

As the days on the market chart shows the market is back below 30 days on market after 3 months (around the holidays) of being slightly over 30 days. The holidays are always a little slower than the rest of the year for real estate agents but anything around 30 days on market is considered (at least not long ago) a very fast contract time frame. 

Number of Homes for Sale on The Market

The last indicator the market looks at is the number of active listings. This is how many homes are for sale at any given time frame. As usual, the summer has the most amount of homes for sale. The number of active listings continues to drop and that will affect the market considerably moving into the spring if the market doesn’t list more homes. The number of homes for sale is one of the biggest driving factors of price. The main indicator in the supply and demand numbers. Without more supply and increase in  demand there will be rising prices once again. The rising rates will not counter the lack of products to sell

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