Dan Skelly
Real Estate Agent Dan Skelly
Real Estate Agent Dan Skelly

Welcome to the professional real estate services of Danny Skelly, a seasoned Realtor with a strong presence in Southwest Florida and Colorado. This website serves as a comprehensive resource for all your real estate needs in these regions. Whether you’re looking for a home in Marco Island, Florida, or considering selling a property in Evergreen, Colorado, Dan Skelly is the Realtor you can trust.

Our website, Foothills Real Property, is more than just a home search tool. It’s a platform where you can learn about Dan Skelly’s real estate services in Florida and Colorado, including Platinum Real Estate in Florida and Orson Hill Realty in Colorado.

If you’re interested in exploring homes for sale in Denver MLS, Colorado, you can use our dedicated real estate site, Dan Skelly Real Estate. For those looking for homes in the Naples MLS, Florida, our SW Florida Homes 4 Sale site is your go-to resource.

Dan Skelly’s expertise extends beyond real estate. He has years of experience running a marketing company in Southwest Florida, and currently owns and operates Orson Hill Marketing Solutions, a testament to his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dan Skelly, based in Evergreen, Colorado, is a highly respected real estate broker, owner, and agent with a wealth of experience in the Denver Foothills, Mountains, and surrounding areas. He holds licenses to practice in both Colorado and Florida, providing his clients with valuable insights and guidance throughout the buying and selling process.

As the Broker/Owner/Agent of Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, Colorado, Dan Skelly has been assisting buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market with his knowledge and experience. Whether you’re in Fort Myers, Florida, or Morrison, Colorado, Dan Skelly is the Realtor you can trust for all your real estate needs.

Danny Skelly, a seasoned Realtor with a passion for the real estate industry that has spanned over a decade. My journey in this field began in Colorado, where I earned my real estate broker’s license and have been making strides ever since. Before this, I had already made my mark in the Southwest Florida market, collaborating with real estate agents through my marketing company during a time when real estate websites were just emerging, and direct mail was the primary marketing tool.

My entrepreneurial journey started early, with the establishment and management of several small companies throughout my twenties. At the age of 33, I ventured into the hospitality industry, acquiring a motel in the Outer Banks of NC and expanding it to include a fishing charter business. Upon relocating to Southwest Florida, I took on the challenge of reviving a struggling print shop, introducing digital printing, graphic design, and web marketing and design. The majority of my clientele were real estate companies and businesses related to the industry. Despite the real estate market crash in 2008, I managed to sell the business and moved to Taos, NM, where I opened a children’s play center and restaurant. My journey eventually led me to Evergreen, CO, where I earned my associate broker’s license, worked for Keller Williams Foothills, and ultimately obtained my employing broker license, leading to the establishment of my own real estate company, Orson Hill Realty.

As a Realtor and a contributor at OH Real Estate News, I am a strong advocate for the integration of technology in the real estate industry. I firmly believe that staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial for real estate agents to provide top-tier service to their clients. My forward-thinking approach has enabled me to offer my clients the latest and most efficient technology in the industry. My diverse entrepreneurial background, which includes owning nightclubs, e-commerce websites, and more, equips me with a wide range of experience and expertise that I bring to every transaction.

In the Denver Foothills, located just outside the city, you can experience the essence of mountain living, complete with spacious yards, horse facilities, and awe-inspiring views. I specialize in serving the front range, foothills, and Denver markets, making me your ideal choice for a Realtor. Armed with a deep understanding of the market and cutting-edge technology, I am committed to providing exceptional service to all my clients. I am currently in the process of opening an office in Florida to extend my services to a broader client base.