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Zillow reviews are something that most agents do not like to hunt their buyers and sellers down to fill out. Many brokers (including this one) feel very uncomfortable bothering past buyers and sellers to fill out a review right after they just got done buying or selling their home. Most people are a little busy with a move at that point so the last thing they want is a broker emailing and texting them to fill out a Zillow review page. It truly is an inconvenience to the client. They almost feel obligated to do a good review.

With that being said I have actually asked a few clients to do so and they have. I guess one way to look at Zillow is if a broker doesn’t have negative reviews they are doing a great job. since everyone knows most people wouldn’t think twice about posting a review slamming someone. getting someone to praise you is much more difficult in today’s review world.

With that being said Danny Skelly has 5 stars on Google, Zillow and Orson Hill Realty has 5 stars on Googel (Brokerage firms don’t have their own Zillow profiles).

I have never chosen a company strictly on reviews anyways. The review system is very untrustworthy. There is no way to know if a review on Google or Zillow is actually from a customer. There are mad employees or even the competition can write fake reviews. There is really no way to tell if reviews are real, fake or bought. The best idea is to call and interview the broker/agent and see if they are a good fit.

Maybe that broker with all those Zillow reviews isn’t the kind of person you want to work with. Maybe you don’t want to to have a real estate agent hounding you to fill out a review sheet while you are trying to unpack your kitchen utensils after you just moved . Just a thought.

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