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On this page, you will see listings for ranches for sale in Colorado and for a variety of other properties. We specialize in working with clients who are searching for Conifer homes for sale or for pieces of Evergreen real estate.

Prospective homebuyers who are interested in Conifer homes for sale or in plots of Evergreen real estate often turn to us for assistance. The experts in our office have years of experience and know this area of Colorado quite well. On this page, you will see detailed information about the listings we currently have available. You will see a large number of ranches for sale in Colorado interspersed with other property options. Contact us immediately if you see a post that piques your interest. Many of the houses that are currently on the market will sell quickly! Make sure you get your dream Conifer or Evergreen home by putting in an offer right away.

Are we moving from a sellers to a buyers market?

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Is there a market shift in the Denver Foothills?

I was in a meeting yesterday at the Keller Williams Foothills office and we discussed this topic in great detail. I was excited to see there seems to be a shift in our market. It seems like we have at least one signal showing the sellers might be losing some of their power. I wouldn't go as far as saying we are in a buyers market or will be soon. We are just seeing some different things in real time and now the trailing data seems to be confirming.

Now there are many reasons this chart below could be showing this signal. We tossed around multiple reasons. Also notice it is only one month or so showing this slight down trend. When looking at the chart below notice the last month or so on the chart. This is all price points in Evergreen and Conifer. See how the number sold homes dipped while the inventory went up. That is not the way the data has behaved over the last 5 years or so. They have been in almost perfect harmony together. Peaks and valleys have followed each other pretty closely.

Market swing chartWe also are seeing lighter showings. Not nearly as many people have been rushing to see a property. Again it is summer time and a lot of people are traveling but that should be the case year over year. We are also seeing a lot less multiple offers as well as offers over asking price. This is a possible indicator that they market is due for a more of a sideways market. As I have mentioned before in other posts I believe the market will flatten for a while. I don't personally think there will be a downtrend or major correction any time soon. These prices have pretty good support levels. They also have good comps and at one time properties had multiple offers over asking. I think that tells you that the market believes the values are there.

The next chart is the close price ratio. It is from January 2015 to present. We are certainly seeing the buyers making lower offers. It really spiked the first couple of months of the spring and summer. We are seeing it drop. It is still pretty high. At almost 99% of asking price. That is still a seller's market indicator. Denver foothills

So the for the mid month Denver Foothills Real estate market review I would still say the market is a sellers' market overall. We are seeing the buyers lose a little motivation so demand is going down and that should keep the market flat for a little while.


Disclosures in Real Estate

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Disclosures in a real estate transaction

I was talking to someone the other day and we were discussing disclosures. I know it sounds boring but I'm a real estate broker in the Denver Foothills It's what we do! It was an interesting topic because there are multiple parties that need to disclose different things. Yes even the real estate broker has things they need to disclose. Disclosures are extremely important and should not be taken lightly. It can end up costing you an awful lot of money.

The particular thing we were discussing was a brokers obligation to disclose the relationship he had with a buyer he brought to his seller. I Colorado we do not have dual agency. You can only be a transaction broker. So you pretty much need to give people information but not advice. Especially anything pertaining to motive or what the seller will take as their lowest price. As a broker we need to be concerned with the optics of a transaction. Even if it is something simple. For example there is a brokerage firm that also owns a title company. No big deal unless they either force you to use that company or they don't disclose to you that they are affiliated. A broker also must disclose they are a broker in a transaction they are part of on the sell or buy side. In other words if they are buying or selling for themselves.

Other disclosures you need to think about are for the sellers. They have the most responsibility for the most amount of disclosure. They need to do a lead based paint disclosure (before 1978). They also need to disclose any and all defects of the home that they are aware of. They must tell you if the foundation is cracked or if the roof ever leaked, even if it was fixed. There is an actual property disclosure form that need to be filled out and given to buyers.

For buyers there really aren't many disclosure issues. The one big one would be if you are unable to perform financially. If your lender tells you that something has come up and there may be a problem with your loan you need to tell the sellers right away.




Evergreen Real Estate July 2017

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Evergreen, CO Real Estate July 2017

It is an absolutly beautiful day here in Evergreen, CO. Working from the home office today sitting on my deck watching the boats sail by on Evergreen Lake. Actually little Hobbie Cats but just as cool. Thought it would be a great time to write a blog about what the the Evergreen, CO real estate market is doing these days. Only a couple days left in the month so I think we can do a recap of the real estate mmarket and still get some good numbers. Just to keep consistant all the data you will be lookng at is the last 30 days. So there will be a couple days from May.

I wish there was some better news for the buyers. It seems to be, once again, all about the sellers. Although activity has decreased we are still not seeing that many more homes on the market. We are certainly on an uptrend. That is going help buyers in a few ways. Of course the supply and demand factor is the best thing for buyers. We are around 225 active listings in Evergreen, Conifer and Bailey. That is much better than the 125 in January of this year. We are still below the highs over the last 12 months.

Number of active MLS listings

The days on market (how long it takes to sell a property) have ticked up above 30 days again to almost 40. That is still a sign that the sellers are still in control. It does have a negative impact to the sellers as well. Some sellers are seeing it hard to get a new home and close in the short amount of time. That is why I coach my sellers to get all ready to go. Even if you need to get a storage unit or pod. Find the house you want to move into and start making your move to get it. As long as you have a good Realtor that has priced your home properly it will sell in the average amount of time.

July days on the market

To sum up our real estate market is the same as it has been for some time now. We are still seeing it move slowly twords the buyers side of things. We are not seeing the crazy multiple offers accross all price ranges. It is still hard to find anyting under 350K. When they do hit the market they are gone very fast. Please don't be discouraged! There arer still plenty of homes for sale and the prices seem to be holding steady.

Evergreen, CO Real Estate 2017

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Evergreen, CO Real Estate

A recap of the the last 12 months for Evergreen, CO real estate. as you can see by the chart below that represents the last 12 months of average sale price. If you look at June and January of this year those months the average sale price in Evergreen is just below $800k. We do need to keep in mind that there might not have been a great deal of sales those months to gather enough data. What the chart is telling us is that Evergreen, CO real estate is still going up in value. It has gone up and done but the overal trend is higher for the lastt 12 months.

Evergreen Real Estate

The next thing we need to look at is the number of active listings. This month (June) is still not as high as last June but we are adding more active listings in Evergreen. We are still way below our number of active units 5 years ago. It is nice for buyers to see the inventory pick up. It is also nice for the sellers to the average sale price rise. This is a sign of a pretty healthy real estate market. It isn't often that you see supply increas along with an increase in sale price. That should make the folks buying today feel pretty confident that the home they are buyin is worth what they are paying.

Evergreen active real estate listings

The average days on market or DOM for Evergreen is a little more of the same story. If you look at may which was the month that homes just flew off the market. At just over 20 on the market you can see that was really a sellers month. Then June is turning out to be much longer time to sell. Just over 2 months is a very reasonable time frame to sell a home. Actually most buyers would prefer to have at least that much time to prepare for their move and to find another home. So just around 2 months is a sign of a good healthy market.

Evergreen DOM

So in conclusion we are still in a very fast moving healthy market. It is still in the seller's favor but we aren't seeing the sellers moving the market too much. They still control it but buyers have calmed a bit with the offers being way over asking price. So as alsway it is still a very good time to buy or sell in Evergreen, CO the real estate market has been pretty much the same for the last 12 months and isn't looking to be any different in the near term. Happy buyinng and selling and as always if you would like to talk real estate with an Evergreen, CO Realtor contact me anytime.

Realtors are a huge benefit

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National Association of Realtors Statistics


According to the national association of Realtors has some great statistics on why everyone should use a Realtor to buy or sell their home. As of April of 2017 there are 1,236,5444 Realtors. If you break that down 65% of Realtors are sales agents, 22% are Brokers and the remaining 15% are associate brokers. All Realtors in the Denver Foothills area all agents are actually associate brokers including Evergreen, CO Realtors.

If you are planing on selling your Evergreen home for sale by owner you might be interested to know FSBO only accounted for 8% of total sales in 2015. The average sale price was $185,000 compared to $240,000 for agent assisted home sales. Only 33% of FSBO sales were contributed to yard signs so you will need to do a little more that sticking a sign in the ground.

Realtors know the market and understand how to properly price a home. It is very difficult to price a home in the foothills. There are no 2 homes or properties alike. They are much more different than say down the hill in Denver where most lots in a neighborhood are the same, all the home built the time, and pretty similar in many ways. It takes a professional figure out and to know if your 5 acres of unusable land is valued the same as 2 acres of usable land just down the road. Weather your view adds to your value and how much. Realtors know the area.

Realtors have a great network and technology that are at their disposal. Now not all Realtors in Evergreen and the Denver Foothills use this technology the way I do but they do have the option. It is kind of puzzling that some Realtors don't use technology when so many clients of mine find their dream home on my website. Not to mention how many sellers have had their homes found and sold from my website. The technology is there so it should be used.

Also keep in mind that not all real estate agents and brokers are Realtors. As a Realtor one must complete ethics classes, contract update classes and be in good standing. Knowing someone is a Realtor just gives that little added feeling of comfort in purchasing the biggest investment most people will make. Realtors take great pride in their industry and most are professionals and have your best interest in mind. So you will want to consider employing a Realtor for your next real estate transaction for no other reason than a piece of mind.