Jefferson County Property Taxes

Disputing Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment: Options and Seeking Relief

Contest your 2023 Jefferson County Property Taxes: Understanding Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment: Exploring Options and Seeking Relief

Property owners in Jefferson County have recently received their updated property valuations from the Assessor’s Office, causing widespread dissatisfaction. At Orson Hill Realty, we strive to bring happiness to homeowners and offer our assistance in contesting the 2023 property taxes imposed by Jefferson County. Our services come free of charge, and we kindly request that you refer friends or family who are buying or selling a home to us. For personalized support, please contact us at 303-503-8793.

Jefferson County Property Taxes
Jefferson County Property Taxes
  1. Understanding Jefferson County’s 2023 Tax Assessor Situation:

  • Homeowners in Jefferson County have received a letter from the Assessor’s Office containing updated property valuations.
  • Many homeowners are surprised by the significant increase in property taxes since the last reassessment, averaging around 40%.
  • Our objective is to provide homeowners with valuable information on property tax assessments in Jefferson County, explore available options, and highlight potential relief measures.
  1. Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment:

  • Annually, on May 1, the Assessor’s Office sends a notice of valuation to property owners.
  • If you believe your property has been undervalued, misclassified, or unfairly assessed compared to similar properties, you have the right to appeal.
  • Understanding the appeal timeline is crucial:
    • Filing Period: May 1 to June 8, 2023. Filing early in May is recommended to avoid potential delays.
    • Deadline: Mailed appeals must be postmarked no later than June 8, 2023.
  1. How to Appeal an Assessment:

  • Clearly explain the inaccuracies in the Assessor’s valuation and provide supporting evidence.
  • Utilize the Property Records Search feature on the Assessor’s website to access property and sales information.
  • Request a complete list of residential property sales in your neighborhood by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a property description to the Assessor’s office.
  • Call the Real Estate Information Line at 303-271-8666 for quick information on up to three residences.
  1. The Assessment Process:

  • Familiarize yourself with the assessment methods used by the Assessor’s Office, available in the Assessment Process section of their website.
  1. What to Expect After Filing an Appeal:

  • By August 15, the Assessor’s Office will send a notice of determination, including any adjustments made to the assessed value.
  • If dissatisfied, you can appeal to the county’s Board of Equalization (BOE) by September 15.
  • The BOE will conclude hearings by November 1 and provide a decision within five business days.
  • Appeals against BOE decisions must be made within 30 days, as outlined in the board’s response.
  1. The Basis of Tax Valuations:
  • Property tax valuations are based on the county’s perception of value as of January 1, 2023.
  • Comparable sales from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022, influence the valuations.
  • Rising home values since 2020 may not necessarily reflect accurate assessments.
  1. Appealing the Assessor’s Valuation:

  • Homeowners have the right to appeal the Assessor’s valuation by submitting an online form before June 8, 2023.
  • Assert overvaluation and cite specific sales between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2022, that the Assessor may not have considered.
  1. Legislative Relief Measures:

  • Pending legislation in the Colorado legislature aims to provide relief from the rapid increase in assessed valuations.
  • Specific details and implementation of the legislation are yet to be finalized, and its passage into law is uncertain.
  1. Orson Hill Realty’s Assistance:

  • Orson Hill Realty is dedicated to helping homeowners navigate the Jefferson County property tax assessment system.
  • We offer a free service providing Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO) of your property to present to the Jefferson County Assessor.
  • We kindly ask that if you have friends or family who are buying or selling a home, please refer them to us.
  • Contact us at 303-503-8793 to learn more about how we can assist you.

Once I send you your CMA to send to the county you will complete this form on the county website:

Contesting Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment: Understanding Options and Seeking Relief

Navigating the 2023 property tax assessments in Jefferson County can be challenging, especially considering the substantial increase in property valuations. By understanding the appeals process, gathering relevant information, and exploring available options, homeowners can present a compelling case to seek fair and equitable property tax assessments. While pending legislation offers hope for potential relief, taking proactive steps to challenge inaccurate valuations is crucial. Orson Hill Realty is here to support homeowners through this process and ensure they make informed decisions regarding their property taxes.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended as professional advice from a CPA or attorney. Our assistance involves providing new home values and comps to present to the county, offering a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO).