Troutdale in the Pines

The most famous resort Evergreen has ever seen was called Troutdale in the Pines.   The only places that even came close to touching it in its day was the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and the Stanley in Estes Park.  Harry E. Sidles, a car dealer from the state of Nebraska.

It was about 1914 that Sidles built his wonderful summer residence he named “Rippling Waters”.  It was about a mile up the canyon.  At first he only used this as a summer retreat and get mountain getaway.  Then about six years later he decided to build his pride and joy.  It was developed just north of Bear Creek and the golf course was on the other side of the creek.  It had

Troutdale in the pines Evergreen Resort
Troutdale in the pines Evergreen Resort

everything for the rich and famous.  They had paddle boats shaped like swans on  a private man made lake,  horse riding through tons of trails and a 17 hole golf course.

This paradise mountain retreat was equipped with 100 guest rooms, a beautiful ball room like you see in all the old movies, top entertainment and fantastic world class dining.  Since it was such a fantastic place it drew all the top stars of the time such as Greta Garbo, Jack Benny and Groucho Marx.  Anyone who was anyone stayed at the Troutdale.

In 1926 Sidles donated the Golf Course to Denver Parks with the stipulation that it was to remain a public golf course.  When Denver built Evergreen Lake in 1927, Sidles decided to expand his resort.   He was a very crafty businessman.  So he decided to add another story to his hotel to now accommodate over 300 guests.  The rates for this glorious hotel were a whopping $5 a day.

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In 1934 Sidles tragically passed away and the resort was never the same.  After bad management and vandals the greatest resort in Evergreen history was just that…history.  It is now the Troutdale in the Pines Condos.


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