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As we go into the fall and what is traditionally a slower season for real estate in the Denver Foothills, we don’t see too much of a slow down at all. Let’s jump right into the charts. If you look at the first one you will see the number of active listings for the last 12 months. We have had an uptrend, for the most part, since February. We have ticked down slightly the last 2 months but nothing to be concerned about. We still have much less inventory than 5 years ago but we are showing signs of an increase.

Denver Foothills Sept Real estate

Denver Foothills Real Estate Days on Market

Now if we look at the next chart you will see the Denver Foothills Real Estate Days on market graph. We did creep up a bit in August to almost 40 days. That is still an amazing turn around time for a listing. Keep in mind this is homes in Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey and Morrison, CO. This month we are back to speedy sales at about a 25 day turnover. This is pretty fast for this time of year. Showing our market hasn’t really slowed much. We are still seeing some multiple offer at the price point below 500K. At the price point above 600K homes are staying on the market a little longer.
Real estate market

I wish I had new news for the market. Buyers are still getting the short end of the stick. Sellers are still in the drivers seat on most transactions. The higher end sellers not so much but anything under 500k is certainly still a sellers market. I know these real estate market updates are becoming redundant but that is how our market has been for a long time now. As a Realtor in the Denver Foothills


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