Homes for Sale Evergreen, CO

Evergreen, CO homes for sale. Evergreen is where my office is located and where my kids for to school. Needless to say Evergreen is my favorite place in Colorado. From hanging out at Evergreen Lake to hiking Three Sisters, I am a big fan of Evergreen. ​

Homes for Sale Golden, CO

Golden, CO Homes for sale. Golden is my favorite favorite town in Colorado. Golden has one of the best downtown areas in Colorado (other than the ski resorts). It is a perfect combination of an old mining town and a bigger city.

Homes for Sale Morrison, CO

Homes for sale Morrison, CO. Morrison is a fantastic town. Not only home to Red Rocks, it has a great downtown area and some beautiful homes. Morrison Country Club has an amazing golf course. Morrison is a nice relaxing mountain town.

Homes for Sale Denver, CO

Denver, CO homes for sale. Everyone knows Denver. Seems like it is one of those cities everyone has been to. Being the biggest city near the Denver Foothills a lot of people live "up the hill in the foothills and work down in Denver. Those that like the city life and the mountains live in Denver and spend weekends in the Foothills or the mountains.

Homes for Sale Conifer, CO

Conifer, CO Homes for sale. Conifer is a great secret in the Denver Foothills. It is a little more rural than a lot of areas. Conifer is set up with very low density living. Larger lots and you can get more for your money in Conifer when it comes to home and land size. Conifer is the rivalry for Evergreen it is a friendly Competition for us Evergreen Parents.

Homes for Sale Denver Foothills

Homes for sale Denver Foothills. The Denver Foothills are just west of Denver. Heading towards the mountains. The Denver Foothills are are perfect Colorado living. Close to Denver and the mountains without all the traffic and population density. The Denver Foothills are the best of everything Colorado has to offer. Come visit you will see.