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Parker, Colorado

Orson HIll Commercial

Parker, CO is a fast growing area close enough to Denver to make the commute to the city an easy one.  The Demographics of Parker point to major growth in the coming years. The city of Parker is a very pro growth environment. City master plan and zoning allow for a great deal of residential and business growth. If you are looking to invest in commercial property like office buildings or medical buildings Parker is a great place to invest. 

There are a great deal of national investors as well as REITS with holdings in Parker, CO. It seems as if that is where the smart money is beginning to flow.  

With an average age of 36 years old it is young professionals just starting out. They have expendable income to spend at whatever commercial investment an investor would like to start. The average household income is $106,000 which is about $40,000 higher than the rest of the state. 

The average home value is also higher than the rest of the state at over $391K compared to $314K for the rest of Colorado.

They are still permitting hundreds of buildings every year and the commercial rent rolls continue to rise. 

For such a large city the crime rate is very reasonable. Of course there is crime but it is much lower in comparison to the rest of the US.

The unemployment is also lower than the rest of Colorado as an average.

Investors looking for an area to invest their money that seems to have the ability to grow.  Should really take a look at Parker, CO. 


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