OHR Luxury

Luxury homes in the Denver Foothills and Evergreen, CO

The luxury homes in Evergreen, CO are still taking the same path as they have for years now. The luxury market seldom feels the same influx as the average home market. The only thing that really changes in the luxury homes is that the bottom number to be considered to be a luxury home seems to increase as time goes on. Not long ago you could buy a luxury home in the Denver Foothills and Evergreen for less than $600,000. Now unfortunately $600k is closer to the average cost of a Denver Foothills home. Now to be in the luxury arena you are closer $1,500,000 to a $2,500,000 just to get started. Other than that the luxury market is pretty steady through good times and bad. The luxury home market usually sees the same average days on market as well as a steady trend across all metrics. The luxury market usually doesn’t see large swings either way in the Evergreen and Denver Foothills area.

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