Johnstown, CO investment properties for rental income

Johnstown Investment property
Johnstown, CO investment properties

When thinking about investment property in Johnstown, Colorado a buyer should think big. It is one of the areas in Colorado that have duplexes and triplexes for sale.  Johnstown is a great community to think about investing in. Johnstown has just over 15,000 residents and is a short commute to Fort Collins and even Denver. Fort Collins is the closest major city to Johnstown with with over 116,000 residence. With a major city so close there will always be people wanting to rent your duplex or triplex. 

Why choose Johnstown for your next investment property?

Johnstown, CO is a great investment opportunity for many reasons.  One reason is that it is part of Colorado that hasn’t seen the crazy appreciation in home values like areas closer to Denver. With the ability to buy a triplex for around $500,000 investment you can make a huge ROI.  Homes in Johnstown are renting for $1900-$5000! That is a great return for any investment property.  The prices in Colorado continue to rise. As the urban areas can’t hold the influx of new residents from California and other states that are losing people, the urban smaller areas are becoming more desirable. Johnstown is just the place to buy a new home or investment property.

Why is johnstown properties so popular with investors?

Johnstown is so popular with investors for many reasons. Not only is it in close proximity to two os the largest cities in Colorado so there is always renters but it has the right demographics for long term rentals as well.  With a low poverty rate of 1.3% and an employment rate much higher than the Colorado average it makes for the perfect investment for a growing community.  The average income is about $90,000.

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Some buyers choose to live in part of the home when renting the other part of the duplex or triplex out. This is a great idea. You can basically make money and pay the mortgage of the duplex or triplex you are living in for virtually free. With the other rents covering the mortgage. This is great for first time home buyers wanting to build equity with someone else’s money.

Any of the properties below would be great investment rental properties in Johnstown