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Houses for Warriors

Houses for Warriors is a Colorado Non Profit that helps veterans find affordable housing and donates homes to our heroes. It is sometimes very hard for our vets to find homes they can afford through standard veteran programs. Houses for Warriors is here to help all veterans. Orson Hill Realty is happy to team up with this wonderful organisation.

Andrew Canales

Our Founder and President, Andrew Canales, is a combat veteran who served proudly in the United States Air Force.  After a difficult transition back to civilian life, and a terrible accident that put him in a wheel chair, in November of 2018 he enrolled in the K9s for Warriors program, a non-profit that pairs service dogs with veterans suffering from the effects of war. Once he completed the program, Andrew grew determined to help his fellow warriors  in his own way.

“I imagined building homes customized and specially adapted for veterans injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; Houses for Warriors, was the result.  We coordinate with realtors and private lenders across the country to purchase homes that we then refurbish and  use the profits we earn to then donate custom homes to the wounded veterans.” Andrew Canales

Home Sellers

Houses for Warriors is dedicated to working with motivated sellers.  Our access to private capital means we can move fast a purchase any home outright, for cash.  By eliminating the traditional and dragged out process of home buying, we can offer any seller a price that will make them happy.  Another benefit of our private lending model is that we can buy any house “as-is.”  There is no need for lengthy inspections and that we can eliminate conditions of sale that are generally incumbent on the seller.  Our staff and volunteers are professionals at what they do, so there is no need to worry about fixing anything in the house prior to our purchase.

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Our ability to buy “as-is” enables us to obtain any structure in any state of disrepair.  Does someone finally want to get rid of their “zombie house”?  That’s no problem, we repair and retrofit these structures regularly.  In fact, many of the private lenders who have worked with us over time like going the “zombie house” route as often-times the resale of these units bring a substantial return on their investment.

Further we have helped many home-owners facing foreclosure to escape from their looming debt to escape their fate with a significant amount of cash in their pockets.  We are also skilled at working with landlords who are simply tired of their properties, people with distressed properties and owners of houses that have suffered squatter damage.

Our growing business means that plenty of investment opportunities are available.  We work with the highest degree of transparency and integrity, and our ability to buy houses with cash and begin retrofitting immediately means the return on any loan is swift and profitable.

We help severely injured veterans by building custom, “accessible” homes customized for their needs and providing these smart homes, mortgage free. In order to raise funds for this we depend on investors who grant us money to buy properties (like yours!) and fund our rehabilitation projects. We will then improve the property and resell it to raise funds;

Investor Properties

Investors are able to get great returns on their investment, you are able to sell your house quickly and for real cash, and veterans who have fought on behalf of their country are given suitably customized housing to suit their needs. Our firm doesn’t just do charity and it doesn’t just do real estate… it invests in our communities, strengthens our humanity and provides real people with real solutions.

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