Horse Properties

If you are looking for a nice town outside Denver for you and your horses that is still close enough to Denver for your daily commute then you might want to look at horse property in Brighton, CO. Brighton is only a short drive from Denver and the Denver Foothills. There are a ton of horse properties and horse neighborhoods in Brighton.

When you are looking at horse properties in Colorado one of the big things you need to look for is that the well allows for them. Most of the time if a property says that it is a household well that means it is not able to use that well to get water for your horses. You can always ship water in but that gets a little inconvenient. Sometimes you find that the property is zoned for them and the CCR’s allow for them but the well does not.

Sometimes the well allows for it but the county does not and/or the CCR’s do not.So either you or your real estate agent really need to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to make the property horse friendly. If you are thinking about having other critters you also need to really do you due diligence and confirm that you can have cattle or any other large animal. In most counties that means zoned for agriculture but again many times you are not able to have them because of the convince in some areas.

I think the moral of the story when looking for horse property in Brighton or anywhere else in Colorado is to be sure to do your due diligence and confirm with your real estate broker that the the property is legal to have whatever animals you plan to have on it.

Be sure you tell your real estate broker that you are planning to have animals on your property and they will make sure everything is good to go! Happy riding folks!



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