Hiwan Golf Club

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Hiwan Golf Club
Hiwan Subdivision and Golf Club
Hiwan subdivisions consists of ten Hiwan subdivisions and a total of about 1700 homes.  The plan was approved in 1949.  Starting with Hiwan Hills in 1953 then Hiwan village was built in 1958 then Hiwan filings in 1, 3-10 in 1963.  The other subdivisions followed with The Islands, The Trails, Hiwan Village, Hiwan Fairways, The Lodges,, The Ridge at Hiwan, Range at Hiwan and the Greens at Hiwan.  This area was developed in a rather unique way, the lots were sold to developers and individuals with the hopes to keep the houses looking unique and not “cookie cutter” looking.  They did a great job of achieving this.  Next time you are in Evergreen remember to cruise though Hiwan and check it out! This is a great area for those folks looking for homes that have an easy commute to Denver.  You can jump onto I-70 within 5 minutes of Hiwan.  This is why the homes in there do command a premium price. It is all about supply and demand and these homes are in great demand for those that would like to live outside the city but be able to access all the amenities of city life fast and easy. Looking for a home in Evergreen on one of the best golf clubs in Colorado?  Hiwan real estate has always been the best in the area.  The homes for sale in Hiwan are some of the most sought after properties in Evergreen.  So if you are a golfer or just someone that wants to live in a golf community in the Denver foothills, Hiwan Golf Club is the place for you!
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