Genesee Park
Genesee Park
Buffalo at Genesee Park

Genesee Park was the first mountain park.  It was purchased in 1912 and the first purchase was 1200 acres.  This included Genesee Mountain as well.   It soon grew to 2400 acres through gifts and other smaller purchases.  The park consists of playgrounds, softball fields, some fireplaces and picnic areas.  When you see that buffalo heard from I-70 that is also part of Genesee Park.  The heard consists of about 30 head of buffalo.  There is also a protected elk heard that calls the park their home.  You can pull off to the scenic overlook area of the park to view the heard of buffalo and take pictures if you like.


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    Just went past Genesee Park yesterday and saw the heard fighting through the snow to get some of that tasty grass. It was odd to me that none of them seemed cold. 🙂

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