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My real estate agent bog: On this page, you will see listings for ranches for sale in Colorado and for a variety of other properties. We specialize in working with clients who are searching for Conifer homes for sale or for pieces of Evergreen real estate.
Prospective homebuyers who are interested in Conifer homes for sale or in plots of Evergreen real estate often turn to us for assistance. The experts in our office have years of experience and know this area of Colorado quite well. On this page, you will see detailed information about the listings we currently have available. You will see a large number of ranches for sale in Colorado interspersed with other property options. Contact us immediately if you see a post that piques your interest. Many of the houses that are currently on the market will sell quickly! Make sure you get your dream Conifer or Evergreen home by putting in an offer right away.

Realtors in Evergreen, CO are Still Seeing Low Inventory

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Evergreen, CO Realtors in all markets including luxury are still seeing low inventory for the start of the 2018 spring season. Evergreen and the Denver Foothills are seeing low inventory levels like they haven't seen in many years. Although there is a little uptick this month Evergreen and the Denver Foothills is still way lower inventory and active listings than anytime in the last 5 years. This is making it hard for buyers across all price points. Sellers are already seeing multiple offers on homes in the upper prices.  Many Realtors in Evergreen and surrounding areas are [...]

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September Denver Foothills Real Estate Market Update

By |September 7th, 2017|Categories: Denver Foothills, Evergreen|

Denver Foothills Real Estate As we go into the fall and what is traditionally a slower season for real estate in the Denver Foothills, we don't see too much of a slow down at all. Let's jump right into the charts. If you look at the first one you will see the number of active listings for the last 12 months. We have had an uptrend, for the most part, since February. We have ticked down slightly the last 2 months but nothing to be concerned about. We still have much less inventory than 5 years ago [...]

National Association of Realtors Fact: Around 90% of all home buyers start their search online

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If you are selling your home isn’t it best to have it visible online? Our agency has a network of hundreds of websites we populate your listing through, including this one. All those real estate agents that advertise in local mags are just doing that so you see their name. Their name is not important if the prospective home buyer is in California and has never heard of them before. I spend my marketing dollars much more wisely. I would like to get together with you and let you know how I will market your home to [...]

How much home can I afford?

By |June 1st, 2013|Categories: Buyer Information, Loans|

Deciding how much house you can afford Although your lender will decide what you can borrow you must decide what you can afford to spend on your new home. Lenders are careful when taking the risk of writing a load, but they only make qualification decisions based on averages and formulas (not usually a case by case base like they did in the old days). They won’t understand your spending patterns quite as well as you do. So make sure to leave a little extra cash ever month for the unexpected – for all the new opportunities [...]

Evergreen – Conifer – Market News

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What is happening in the Evergreen and Conifer Market? Spring 2019 Update: Update as of March 2019 It is interesting to compare the same charts I posted over 6 years ago to a chart made today. The market is so different. It is crazy how many less homes we have and the average home vale.   Apr 2018 135 $726,066 May 2018 169 $713,054 Jun 2018 180 $631,384 Jul 2018 176 $717,983 Aug 2018 204 $628,131 Sep 2018 208 $540,668 Oct 2018 167 $636,255 Nov 2018 140 $641,455 Dec 2018 96 $603,148 Jan 2019 104 $591,188 Feb [...]

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Horse properties in Brighton CO

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If you are looking for a nice town outside Denver for you and your horses that is still close enough to Denver for your daily commute then you might want to look at horse property in Brighton, CO. Brighton is only a short drive from Denver and the Denver Foothills. There are a ton of horse properties and horse neighborhoods in Brighton. When you are looking at horse properties in Colorado one of the big things you need to look for is that the well allows for them. Most of the time if a property says that [...]

Forum Legal Disclaimer

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This is a forum on the internet.  Please DO NOT use this for your only source of information because I am not at all responsible for the content or the postings here.  It is just a service that I provide to help you get answers to your questions. PLEASE DO NOT use this forum as a substitute for legal, tax, roofing, inspector (you get the idea) or real estate advise from a licensed professional.  This forum is merely a general question and answer forum.  All real estate situations are unique in their own way and what you [...]

Downsizing Seller Tips

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Whether your kids have recently moved out or you are preparing to venture into retirement, downsizing can be an excellent choice. Before you list your home, it’s important to take steps to ensure a smooth selling process. The following are some basic tips to help you get the most out of selling property and downsizing. Selling Your Home? How to Make The Process Go Smoothly Clear Out Your Belongings Since you are downsizing, you might feel overwhelmed by the quantity of belongings in your home. This is why decluttering is a great place to start. Rent a [...]

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Why choose me as your Realtor for buyer agency

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Here in Evergreen in the Denver foothills the real estate agents (brokers) are for the most part a decent bunch of folks.  They are in general a good bunch of people to work with.  Just like any profession some just suck. Sorry about being so blunt but as realtors (the ones that actually are) we are supposed to have respect for our fellow brokers as well as be an advocate for our clients.  At times I feel as if some of the brokers around here feel their job is to close the deal at any cost.  They [...]

Finding the Right Home

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Time and time again I see clients of looking for the "perfect home".  Before we go any further let's get one thing out of the way, the perfect home doesn't exist.  Even if you start from scratch and buy the lot you think is perfect,  hire the architect you think is perfect, work on the plans for months, hire the builder that is perfect, and build the perfect dream home you will still wake up one day and say "I wish the closet was there and not here".  There will always be something wrong.  There will always [...]

Denver Foothills Real Estate Market October 2017

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Evergreen, Conifer and Bailey Real Estate Evergreen real estate has seen the same thing as the rest of the Colorado market including Conifer and Bailey as well. We are seeing softening across the state. It is still slightly in favor of sellers but not nearly like it was the year. As I predicted (with my magical crystal ball) this fall is starting to show a leveling off in the buyer sediment as well as in the actually numbers. As we know and have mentioned in other real estate posts the numbers always lag the market by a [...]

Buying a home during Covid – what you should know

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Buying a home during CovidSo you planned for years to purchase a new home in 2020. Then this crazy global pandemic hits. Not to worry the real estate market is conducting business as usual...Well maybe not "as usual" but we are conducting business. Real estate transactions are considered to be essential businesses in the eyes of the state of Colorado. As of the date of 12-8-20 at 9:35 MST all the facts I am going to write in this post are accurate to the best of our knowledge. The reason I mentioned that is because in Colorado [...]

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Evergreen area schools

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It doesn't really matter where you live in Evergreen Colorado. You will be living near a fantastic school. I know this not only because of the people in the community that speak highly of almost every school in Evergreen Colorado. I speak about this by personal experience my children go to school here in Evergreen and they love every single bit of it. If you check out greatschools.com the city rating is 9 out of 10 they're also multiple schools in Evergreen with a 10 rating is Evergreen high school, Evergreen middle school , Marshdale elementary school [...]

liz Ford Skelly Music

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Liz Ford Music - Skelly in Evergreen, CO Liz ford - Skelly Live Acoustic Music Evergreen Liz Ford - Skelly Acoustic Music   About Elizabeth (Liz) Ford Skelly Music Elizabeth Ford Skelly is a local singer, guitarist, teacher and mom. Born in Cincinnati, she and her family have lived all over the country before settling in beautiful Evergreen, CO. Originally a business major, Liz changed careers to become an elementary school music teacher after attending the University of Miami School of Music, and now is a director and music/art/PE teacher at the Episcopal Day [...]

Evergreen Lake Summer Concert Schedule

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Commercial Property (Building) For Sale Parker, CO

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Parker, CO DemographicsParker is one of the fastest growing cities in Colorado. It is almost amazing the amount of homes and commercial buildings being permitted in Parker. Parker has a population of about 50,000 people.  It is a younger crowd with average age of about 35. There are a higher amount of married people with about 67% compared to average of 56% in the rest of Colorado. The population density makes any commercial investment worth while. There are plenty of people to visit your business. Please contact us with any questions about commercial property in Parker, CO

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Apex Park

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If you are a Hikers or trail runners exert or novice you will enjoy the exposed steep grades or find cool respite on shaded trails. Birders follow the intermittent stream graced with cottonwoods into the Enchanted Forest. Mountain bikers can test their mettle and technique as they grind their way to the top of Lookout Mountain and descend. Apex Park Map

Real Estate Agents – How to Choose the Right One

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Best Real Estate Agents in Colorado There is no shortage of real estate agents in Colorado It's getting so there's a real estate agent just about everywhere you go. It's hard to open your mail go online or do just about anything without being bombarded by a real estate agent at some point in your day. Just because you see a real estate agent or hear from one every now and then does not mean that they are the best real estate agent for you. There a lot of things going into choosing the perfect real estate agent [...]

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Changes in FICA Score and Buying a Home

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Your credit score could soon go down -- or up. FICO announced Thursday its latest version of the FICO score, a three-digit number that assesses a person's credit risk. The new scoring model will take consumers' debt levels into account and will more closely track personal loans. Previous scoring models took snapshots of a person's payment history. The new model will take a historical view of payments over time and can process much more information, including account balances for the previous two years, aiming to give lenders more insight into how individuals are managing their credit, FICO [...]

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Real Estate Agents Golden, CO

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There are plenty of real estate agents in Golden, CO. When a buyer is choosing a Realtor to help them buy a home or a seller is looking for a listing agent it is important they know the Golden area. Golden, CO is an old mining area. Golden is a great mix of foothills living and a town with a bunch of stuff to do. It attracts all ages and has a great nightlife and things for people of all ages. Being in Jefferson County it is part of the Jefferson County School System. One of the [...]

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Real Estate Evergreen Colorado

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/1UW2slUmRyQHomes for sale in Evergreen Colorado.  There will always be a demand for Evergreen, CO real estate.  It is a very desirable place to live with it's beautiful mountain setting and close proximity with Denver.  They have great schools with very involved parents.  The community has a nice feel and lots of things to do. Real Estate Evergreen Colorado - real estate evergreen co - evergreen colorado real estate what is mountain living? what's it like to live in evergreen colorado...... residential real estate in evergreen ranges from older cabins to majestic homes on a large acreage [...]

What features to look for in a mountain home

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Features for mountain homes that some people overlook Realtor Homes for Sale Know the terrain and weather at different altitudes Living in the mountains is slightly different than the rest of the planet. It is a bit harder and colder up here. There are a few home features some people don't think about until it's too late. One of the first options you should look for if it is possible is a south facing home. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that if you are in a valley and facing north [...]

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