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What is happening in the Evergreen and Conifer Market? Spring 2019 Update:

Update as of March 2019

It is interesting to compare the same charts I posted over 6 years ago to a chart made today. The market is so different. It is crazy how many less homes we have and the average home vale.


Apr 2018 135 $726,066
May 2018 169 $713,054
Jun 2018 180 $631,384
Jul 2018 176 $717,983
Aug 2018 204 $628,131
Sep 2018 208 $540,668
Oct 2018 167 $636,255
Nov 2018 140 $641,455
Dec 2018 96 $603,148
Jan 2019 104 $591,188
Feb 2019 119 $691,892
Mar 2019 114 $580,708

Welcome to another post about what is going on in our mountain community real estate market. The chart below is raw data regarding the average sale price on the right in black and  number of homes currently active listings in green (for that month).

The story it tells is sort of interesting. If you look at year over year for March, April, May, June and July, it tells a story that contradicts what should actually happen. The number of homes listed is nearly half of what they were in 2013 in the same months in 2014. Common sense and business 101 dealing with supply and demand would tell you the average sale price for that month should be higher. Unfortunately that seems to not be the case. This is not good news for sellers or buyers. The news for the sellers is your home is not selling for what it would have last year. It tells the buyers there isn’t as much inventory to chose from. Some buyers are getting a bit discouraged and giving up on looking.

This is sending a mixed message to all parties in the transaction. It is telling the sellers it is a seller’s market since there isn’t a lot of inventory. Wait though because this downward trend of average sale price is telling buyers it is still a buyer’s market. So who is correct? Both and neither. It is telling us that sellers are dropping their price as well as holding onto their homes until prices increase.  It is also telling us that buyers are not willing to over pay for their homes either. The market, as a whole is not willing to inflate the prices as it did in ’06,’07 and ’08.

Mar 2013 428 $389,197
Apr 2013 477 $529,807
May 2013 578 $472,509
Jun 2013 633 $432,649
Jul 2013 656 $429,135
Aug 2013 588 $457,923
Sep 2013 500 $390,709
Oct 2013 414 $358,761
Nov 2013 325 $404,423
Dec 2013 279 $415,935
Jan 2014 243 $411,291
Feb 2014 237 $457,399
Mar 2014 258 $474,559
Apr 2014 290 $488,646
May 2014 349 $431,763
Jun 2014 363 $454,300
Jul 2014 361 $374,344

If you have any questions about what is going on with the real estate market or the value of a specific property please give me a call.

As usual please do not consider this real estate or legal advise. It is just the the thought of an Evergreen Realtor.

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