How much home can my money buy me in the Denver Foothills

It is very noticeable when dealing with clients from out of town that are not sure how much home they can afford in the Denver Foothills. This is especially true in Evergreen, CO. When you are looking for a home in the Foothills it is important to know we are on the higher end than most of the rest of the country. Obviously there are some areas that are more expensive but as whole we are certainly on the higher end of the scale.

It depends on the area you are looking in the foothills as well. Evergreen is higher in price than say Conifer or Bailey. Conifer is higher in price than Bailey as well. This is mostly contributed to location to Denver. There are other factors but that is the most relevant reason. If you are looking at homes in Evergreen between $400k and $500k you will find some but not many. You will also notice they are smaller than what you can find a home in Conifer for $400 to $500K.

You start to see much more house when you make the jump to homes in Evergreen for $500k-$600k. It seems to be the threshold into a totally different type of home. It needs less work, it is much more turnkey and the yard is usually bigger. In the conifer area homes that are from $500k-$600k are in a much larger category.

When looking at the luxury home market prices in Evergreen you see that you can get a really nice home for one million and up. Usually the nice horse properties are in that price range. You will see nice size lots with maybe an outbuilding or two at that price. In Conifer the luxury market and high end homes over a million dollars are really nice and you see the difference in value considerably at that price point.

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In the Denver Foothills you should really do your homework before making an offer. Hire yourself a mountain Realtor in Evergreen or Conifer to help you figure out how much home you can afford and make sure the home you are purchasing is priced at the correct value for the current real estate market.