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Dates and Deadlines - Contract so buy and sell real estate Colorado

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Dates on the Colorado Real Estate Contracts are Of the Essence and Not Just Suggestions.

Working with as many out-of-state buyers as we do, we see a lot of buyers (and sellers) that seem to think dates and deadlines are just suggestions and do not mean much. There couldn’t be anything farther for the truth. Dates and deadlines are a very, very important part of the contract to buy and sell in Colorado. 

There is one exception to the date and deadline rule. Sometimes agents understand and know that the only “loose” deadline on the contract is the acceptance deadline. This reason is when you write the contract to purchase your agent will fill in the acceptance deadline. That is when the sellers have to sign, accept or counter your offer. The reason this date is a kind of “loose” date is that only one party (the buyer) to the contract signed and agreed to that deadline. So sometimes the sellers may blow through the deadline. Sellers should always try to meet this deadline but sometimes they do not. 

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