Evergreen and Conifer

The mountain communities of Evergreen and Conifer, CO are located close to but west of Denver.  Just far enough away from the city to avoid traffic, crowds and the crazy hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle, but still close enough to enjoy the good things that major cities can offer, such as, professional and minor league sports, shopping, museums, theater and concerts. The foothills are far enough away to offer quiet mountain town living with hiking, parks, fantastic schools and a great family community structure.

The main arteries of I-70 and Hwy 285 run west and south from the city of Denver and provide speedy access to the mountain towns of Evergreen and Conifer.  The entire Evergreen and Conifer area is unincorporated which means there is no city or town government.  They are run by the county government. The drive to Denver via I-70 or Hwy 285 is for the most part very fast and pretty scenic, not like the bumper to bumper traffic that commuters on I-25 and 6th Avenue in the city have to put up with on a daily bases.

The views as you drive around will take your breath away with the beautiful views of the mountains and all the wildlife.  The county, state and national governments own and maintain parkland throughout the area and the amount of “open space” is just amazing.  These parks and open spaces are designed to ensure that the natural ambiance will remain over the years.  Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing and anything else you could think of doing outside are no more that five or ten minutes away from any place you live in the area.  Not to mention, we border two national forests and they are both bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

Evergreen is located a few miles west of the Denver metro area, this is where the foothills rise to the Continental Divide and provide just breathtaking views from many parts of the area.  One of the great things about Evergreen, Conifer and the foothills is that the weather is pretty mild not unlike Denver’s.  If you like more crisp and clear air this is the best place for you because Denver’s occasionally polluted air doesn’t reach the altitude of Evergreen and Conifer.  The night skies in Evergreen are darker and filled with stars, there is virtually no light pollution like you find closer to the city.

North Evergreen, the area between downtown Evergreen and I-70, has city water and sewer, natural gas service and somewhat smaller lots, usually between a 1/2 acre and 1 acre.  For the most part home prices are a little bit higher, the subdivisions are more like what you would consider a neighborhood, and schools and shopping are usually closer which gives you a bit more dense population (not much more but more dense than you find in South Evergreen).

South of downtown Evergreen to Conifer and extending along the 285 corridor, homes are usually on mush larger lots (this is the perfect area if you have horses or just looking for some elbow room), with private wells, septic systems and propane where natural gas is not yet available. Subdivisions have a more rural look and feel and the schools and shopping are a little farther from home, still very close though just a few minutes from almost the entire area.