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It is very important to understand that real estate agents in Colorado are not legally allowed to “steer” buyers to a specific neighborhood. We are not allowed to say “this neighborhood is where the crime is low and people are a specific color or ethnicity”. The federal government has a lot of laws about this. We are also (for some stupid reason) not able to say “this area has the best schools in the area”. They say this puts crappy neighborhoods at a disadvantage. I always felt that if you have crappy schools and want people to live in your area, fix your damn schools! We are technically not allowed to provide TRUE INFORMATION data on schools or crime to our clients. We are not allowed to provide info you can find online. We are however allowed to to tell you where to find the information. Possibly the biggest injustice the federal government does for home buyers. 

With that being said there are plenty of 3rd part websites such as Great Schools and Wikipedia for this information. Granted some of the info is provided by census info and is slightly lagging it still provides you with an idea of what area suits your needs.

When out of state buyers visit I simply say “take a drive through the area you think you might like”. That usually will  tell you everything you need to know about the neighborhood. 

Also be sure to take the subtle hints an agent may drop. Believe it or not an agent is not allowed to tell you that the area you are looking has crime rate 10x higher than another area you are looking. They are required BY FEDERAL LAW to allow you to move to a community that puts you and your family in risk. It is a horrible law that should never be on the books never mind on the federal level. 

With all that being said our agents follow all laws no matter how ignorant they may be.

Finding a home that suits you is only part of the journey. Another big part? Choosing the right neighborhood.

The number of bedrooms and square footage are certainly important when buying a home — but the community might be even more vital. 

After all, it’s where you’ll likely exercise and socialize, where your kids will grow up and go to school and, ultimately, where you’ll put down roots and build a life.

Are you ready to look for a new home? Here’s how you can find the right neighborhood:

  • Know your needs. If walkability is high on your list, make sure the neighborhood offers plenty of paths to explore. Is your commute to work a big factor? How long will it be? What are your thoughts on homeowners associations?
  • Do some research. Take some time to look into the community. Check out school district ratings and look at nearby listings to see home values. Reach out to learn what else the community offers.
  • Check out online groups. Pull up any neighborhood groups you can find on social media. Does the online community seem friendly? You can also search for a neighborhood newsletter or local events.
  • Take a self-guided tour. Drive around the neighborhood at different times of day to get a feel for its character. Can you see yourself living there? If you’re buying from out of town, you can hop on Google Maps and take a virtual walk. 

And if you’re ready to take an online tour or see a home in person, get in touch today. Together we’ll find the right home and neighborhood for you.

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