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As your buyer agent we will help you find the right home to suit your needs. Our very advanced search features can help you find all the features on your “wish list” then save that search and you will be alerted anytime a home that fits those features comes on the market…IMMEDIATELY. Don’t miss your dream home.

Awesome (the dog) is the marketing face of Orson Hill Realty. The reason for this is the owner of the company isn’t a good looking guy. He realized early in life he has a face for radio. It didn’t take long for him to realize a cute dog get’s a better response in ads than he does. He would have used a talking lizard but that idea was already taken. Danny decided one day after posting a picture of Awesome (the dog) on his personal FaceBook page and the dog got more post likes than all of selfies combined. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 likes. This is when he decided to pimp out his puppy. It was time for Awesome (the dog) to earn his puppy treats.

Orson Hill Realty is not only a different kind of real estate company for home buyers but our OHR agents and brokers are different kind of Realtors. Unlike many real estate agencies, Orson Hill employs only Realtors and ones that have a good track record, not only with clients but with their piers as well. We don’t take just any agents or brokers. We only take the best. We are not a company that strives to have the most agents but we strive to have the best agents and brokers. We could certainly pick up every new broker and real estate agent off the steps of the local real estate school but we don’t think that is best for our clients. We would rather be a small real estate agency with the best agents and brokers as opposed to the biggest agency with bad or mediocre agents. I would think you would agree on this when buying your home. Some brokerage firms will boast about the number of agents in their brokerage. Honestly that has never made sense to me. Just because you have the most, it does’t mean your the best. It just means you spend a lot of time requiting agents and honestly that doesn’t mean much to your clients. Only the employing broker truly benefits from a lot of agents in the office.


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Orson Hill Realty specializes in high end luxury homes and horse properties but we work on any size real estate transaction. We can assist with a $30 million estate or a $10 thousand parcel of land. We are here to assist you through every step of the process and treat every client the same no matter the price point of your sale or purchase. We would love to discuss your real estate needs with you and show that we are truly a different kind of real estate company. One that our relationship doesn’t end at the closing table. Thank you for giving us the chance to be your real estate agency. When it is time to list your home or buy a new home you should use only the best. The real estate company that uses high tech market with a combination of only proven old school real estate tactics. We do not fool you by using your home for marketing ourselves like other real estate companies. Our advertising dollars and time are used to market your home for sales not for our agents to acquire buyer leads. We know selling your home is important to you. That makes selling your home is important to us.

Just to be blunt, Zillow Zestimates are regularly inaccurate. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell that Zillow and their Zestimates are almost always wrong. An algorithm can not determine the value of a home. The only way to find the value of your home is to have your listing agent come into your home. See what kind of fixtures your have, how your floorplan is laid out. There are so many variables gone into finding the price of your home that it is simply impossible to tell the value without seeing it. Especially unique homes and yards. Find the best listing agent in your town and ask them to find the value of your home and please don’t say “Zillow say my home is worth…”. Listen to your Realtor. That is what they do all day long.


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All of the real estate agents here at Orson Hill Realty are associate brokers (except the employing broker) and Realtors. We believe in the ethics that are put in place by NAR (National Association of Realtors) and then some. We not only show respect and ethical behavior to our clients but we also demand respect for our fellow Realtors and real estate agents we work with. Our philosophy is that it does our client a tremendous disservice to be in a battle with fellow real estate brokers. We Believe that as the “rocks” in every transaction we need to be calm and cool because emotions get out of hand very quickly in a real estate transaction and if the real estate agents or brokers don’t respect or like each other it could crater a deal that both buyers and sellers want to see happen. That is why we treat everyone in the transaction with the same respect and dignity within the scope of still fulfilling the highest result and fiduciary responsibility to our clients that we represent. You can read more about us in our Realtor blog.

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We are the best choice for your listing agents. We use old school techniques mixed with high tech digital marketing to s sell your home faster and for the right price. We will market your home to get more traffic through so the market will be excited and you will get more of an idea of the interest in your home. Sell your home fast for the right price.

Orson Hill Realty is the best resource for home sellers as your listing agent (broker) in the Denver Foothills area for one simple reason…our advantage over the competition for marketing your home. The managing broker and founder of Orson Hill Realty understands the aspects and importance of marketing your home in the most efficient way. He has a long background in marketing. As the owner for years of a marketing company in Florida that worked with real estate companies in Southwest Florida to brand, market, design all print and digital media he has a very good understanding of how to effectively market your home for a fast sale and maximum exposure.  We have a network of blogs and directories that we list your home on and populate it out through the internet for everyone looking in your price point and area will see your home. Here at Orson Hill Realty we know that over 90% of buyers find their home by searching online. This is a huge deal here at Orson Hill. We understand that other real estate companies don’t utilize this amazing tool of the internet because they just don’t understand the complexities of it.


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Being the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO or Denver isn’t easy. To be truly the best a Realtor needs to not only take care of their customer but it is also very important to work well with other real estate agents. That isn’t an easy task. There are some real jackasses out there that hold a real estate license. Luckily almost all the real estate agents here in Evergreen and the Denver Foothills are great Realtors. Some people think a Realtor only helps with the home search. There is so much more to the transaction than that. The searching for a home is the fun part. Once the home search is done, that is when the hard part starts.

Orson Hill Realty is a different kind of luxury home real estate company that employs a different kind of Realtor.  Although we specialize in luxury homes, we can assist in any size transaction. Our first standard is that the Realtors we hire must be extremely ethical. That is high standard of ethics towards their customers as well as other real estate agents. We believe that the ethical standards of or brokers is the most important thing for a Realtor to have. We specify an ethics to clients and fellow brokers. Being ethical towards clients is pretty self explanatory. The reason also stress and demand our agents and brokers to be ethical to other brokers is simple but unfortunately not always observed by other real estate brokerage firms. At Orson Hill Realty our belief is that our agents and brokers should have a high standard of ethics towards everyone they meet. We believe people should always treat people the way they wish to be treated. In professional and personal situations alike.


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Denver Real Estate has really taken off in the last couple years. If you have been looking for homes for sale in Denver you have seen this. It has appreciated in value more in the last 5 years than anyone could have ever imagined. Denver real estate in the metro area and surrounding areas continue to show signs of increasing in value. The inventory in Denver is still very low compared to previous years. Denver real estate is growing faster than most of Colorado and the rest of the country as well. There are thousands of homes for sale in the Denver area. Depending on your price point you can still enter the Denver real estate market and have some good appreciation in your home.


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