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AuthorTopic: Evergreen Tennis Bubble Project on Evergreen Parkway

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Evergreen Tennis Bubble Project on Evergreen Parkway
on: May 8, 2018, 23:33

The Evergreen Tennis Bubble (Club) on Evergreen Parkway is proposing a new development on its property. It is no secret that there is a housing shortage in Evergreen, CO. There are about 10% of the available properties that there were just 5 years ago. Jefferson County and Evergreen are in desperate need to more homes. Ask any Realtor or anyone that knows anything about real estate and they will tell you the same.
What they are proposing on the Tennis Bubble Property:
The owners of the Tennis Bubble property are trying to develop 15 units on the lower end of the property and perhaps another 20-30 on the upper end near Wendy's. This is a fantastic idea. They owners of the property are trying to help the community by getting some beautiful homes and a few condos in that area. There is plenty of room and the property can sustain this kind of development.
Will the homes be low income or government assisted housing?
The Tennis Bubble Development will NOT be low income or government assisted housing. That idea was scrapped years ago. These homes will be high end in the $550,000 range to $850,000 range. They will actually most likely raise the home values of the neighboring homes. They are planning to keep the Tennis Bubble and add more retail space. The retail space is required by the Jefferson County master plan and will help the community by adding nice shops and making it a nice little community.
Jefferson County Wants The Community to Grow and So Do Most Residence..
An area needs to grow and change. There are a few people (usually the loudest ones) that try to stop any development from happening. They don't understand that if the few people that wanted to stop the developments they live in... they wouldn't have a place to live. They don't understand a developer that built their home had to go through the same process the developers on the Evergreen Tennis Bubble development are going through. They also don't understand that is also why their taxes go up. The price of maintaining a community goes up and if no new residents come in they need to raise taxes to compensate for the increase in cost.
What is the Evergreen Tennis Bubble property zoned for now?
Ironically the Evergreen Tennis Bubble is zoned c-1 or commercial. There are a few people that are wanting the development to not move forward with residential homes. The people that oppose this project need to realize right now there could be much worst things built on the property. Instead of have an $850,000 home next door they could have an oil change garage or worst! Any Realtor or real estate agent would tell you that nothing can lower you property value like having a jiffy lube or a noisy bar next door that is open until 2 am.
How Long Will the Tennis Bubble Project Take to Complete?
The Developers on the project are not sure at the moment. They are still in the preliminary phases of development. They are still working with the county. Jefferson County needs to make sure the proper procedures are done. Jefferson County will require a ton of studies done at the expense of the Tennis Center Developers. They will need to do traffic studies, wild life studies, FEMA flood plain studies, wildlife impact studies and many, many more. It is a long process and expensive just to see if you can even do what is proposed. Jefferson County and Evergreen are not ones to just allow anything to be built and not consider all impacts it may have on the land or environment.
What Will Become of the Tennis Center and Bubble?
As of now the project is going to keep the tennis bubble and add some commercial space to it. It will continue to be a great asset to the community and continue to serve as the best tennis center in the Denver Foothills. The new community will have the ability to play tennis right there in their own yard. It will be a great place for you and your family to play tennis for years to come.


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Dan Skelly

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